Wednesday, February 11, 2009

NYC with my girls

This past weekend, we (meaning Gretchen and I) road-tripped it up to New Jersey.  Then we (meaning, Gretchen, Courtney and I) took the train to New York to see Shrek the Musical.  Shout out to Gretchen for an awesome Christmas present!*

*I realize that I am likely the only person in America who still uses "shout out" (other than Sarah Palin) and I'm okay with that.  Really, I am.  So, there.

NJ/NYC with the three of us is hard to top, I must say.  When we get together, it's a serious ab workout.  All the laughter...  We should make a DVD and an infomercial and a million or so dollars.  It would be an even bigger hit than the Snuggie!  I mean, remember what happened the last time the 3 of us converged on the Big Apple?

January09 141 

G$$ gangsta stylin' in the car.

We were busting a move to old school Sir-Mix-Alot... we did not even know at the time how prophetic those "Baby Got Back" lyrics were!

January09 136 

First order of business - hanging out with Baby Ro.

He's 5 MONTHS OLD NOW!! And it had been like 4 months and 3 weeks since we had seen eachother, so we had some bonding time.

He is so cute and easygoing!  I love his little outfit here, he looks like a teenager... I was looking for his skateboard.

Those tiny little cargos, oh my goodness!  Adorable!

January09 137 

Would you look at this lady?  Doesn't she look AMAZING!?!?

Courtney, you impress me.  And I continue to be jealous  of your hair.  I think I've had hair envy for about, oh, I don't know... the last 15 years or so!

January09 140

Baby Ro eats food now!

And he likes applesauce.  Yet another thing we share...

January09 144

I don't even know where to begin with this.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (*doubles over in laughter*)

First of all, it's not what you think... Gretchen is not with child... she is with pillow...

Second, how about THAT FACE?

That is HOTT, right?

Third, look at Baby Ro in the background, he's like "What in the world???"


January09 147

The gestation period of a glowworm is remarkably short.

I'd say... about 5 minutes.

She has her mama's eyes...

January09 152 

Apparently big blue eyes are in right now...

January09 153 

We got in Courtney's car to head to the train station... I thought it was the perfect time to catch up on some light reading...

You know, "Nursing Mother, Working Mother."


Obviously, I didn't actually read it since I am not a mother, nor a nurser.  (if that's even a word) The whole concept freaks me out and I don't even like to watch puppies nurse and you know how much I like puppies!


January09 148 

Oh, I almost forgot this picture... Courtney's husband, Ro.  You can't really see it, but on that hat, there are little bear ears or something.

Ro put it on to be funny, but kept it on like all afternoon.. it was pretty hard to take him seriously when he was talking with that hat on!

I like this quote from Gretchen - "Hey Courtney, who's weirder? Me or Ro?" Tough one.

January09 156 

Finally in New York!  This is how we roll:

Starbucks.  Chinese.  Cupcakes.

Back to back to back.

Look at my beautiful friends!!!

(I always forget how tall Courtney is!)

January09 154

We spotted this sign while we were waiting for a table... good to know, yes?

Apparently they're in high demand?  Or perhaps not, because I saw the actual "CPR Kit" and it kind of looked like something that should be in a museum...

January09 157 

Courtney.. why don't you order us some drinks???


I think we'll just have water....



We cabbed over to the Buttercup Bake Shop.


The cab driver was so on to us!  We didn't say WHERE we were going, yet he pulled right up to the cupcake place.



They were SOOOOOO good.

These new, fancy, high end cupcakes have changed the way I view cupcakes.

I can no longer support regular, old sugary icing grocery store cupcakes.

Ick on those.


Courtney is all sexy looking with her cupcake... and Gretchen.. well.... she's looking rather glow-wormy...



Secret discussions were going on during this photo op...

Hopefully he didn't hear WHAT we were talking about, but thankfully our adorableness forced one of the cupcake shop workers to come over and GIVE US A FREE RED VELVET CUPCAKE to take a picture with...



Then we ate the cupcake.

No pictures of that, just trust me :)

I don't think I've ever posed with a cupcake before, but hey, why not, right?


On our way to the show, we ran into an old friend...


Hello Kitty!!!!

Shocker: we took some more ridiculous pictures :)


Then, it was SHOWTIME!!

My first Broadway show!! 

It was fantastic!!  The singing, the dancing, the stage stuff (super technical term, yes), it was very well written (HILARIOUS)... it was all together impressive and I loved every minute of it, especially...


Lord Farquaad!!!! I don't know what it was about the actor walking around for the entire show on his knees with fake little legs that was SO FUNNY but something was, and every time he was on stage, I immediately started laughing.

The best was a scene when he was in the bath and he had his little feet stickup up through the bubbles.... oh, my goodness!! It was so funny!!

I totally admire that dude for walking around on his knees for 2 hours, too! Wow! Impressive, I tell ya.


It was fantabulous!  Mmmuuuah Shrek the Musical!

Thanks to two of my bestest friends in the world for an excellent adventure!

NYC, we'll be baaaaack!!!

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