Friday, February 27, 2009

I feel like a gallon of milk

February is always the fattest. month. EVER.

I have had way too much crap to eat this week.  I think I've been to Starbucks, or had it brought to me 3 times, at least...

I've had fast food twice.  And just this morning, I've had Indian food, a cupcake and now I'm chugging down a hazelnut latte.

I feel like a giant gallon of white milk. (whole milk at that)

Gallonofmilk Big. 




Every year, I say I'm not going tanning.  It's bad for your skin, etc... 

I'm thinking about going now anyway because of my "gallon of milk" complex.  Plus, the evil wedding world is making me feel even more like a big, fat, white gallon of milk.

Or a marshmallow.  I don't know.  I'm continuing the wedding dress search this weekend.  I called a couple of places yesterday to set appointments up and one place pretty much laughed me off the phone because I asked if they had anything in a "street size 12" to try on.  You see, in bridal land, if you are average, you are obese.  I felt like the fattest fatty in the whole world... like the girl pretty much said to me "Pshaw! We don't carry sample sizes THAT BIG!  They don't even make wedding dresses THAT BIG because girls that big don't even get married!"  All she really said was "no, we don't."  The rest was in my head.  But still.

Gallon of milk.  Eeeewww.

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Courtney P said...

Hey girl,
First of all, milk is very healthy and very good for you! ;) And I've been looking at pictures of you lately and yes, it is ALL in your head - you look amazing.
As far as tanning goes, yeah, it's bad for your skin, can cause cancer if done in excess, yada yada yada - I say go for it. You only get married once (right?!) and if it will help you feel as beautiful and special as you are, then all the better.
I thought you already had The Dress??!?!? What's up?
(and nothing wrong with a little Starbucks, ya know?)
Love ya,