Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wedding Dress Search, Part 1

Not long after I got back, we went into wedding planning mode!!  With the holidays over, it's definitely time to start working on this major project!  We've made some serious progress.  Save the dates - done.  (not mailed yet, but this week... hopefully)  Registry - done (Target - of course).  And, thanks to some pushing from good girlfriends, I started my search for THE WEDDING DRESS.  I was never one of those girls who had all these "dreams" about her wedding, you know?  So, I was really intimidated by the trip to David's Bridal.  Whoaaa....  All I knew for sure was that I didn't want anything poofy or anything princessy.  I had fun but left more confused than I entered.

**Note:  I'm not posting a picture of THE DRESS because I'm going all old-school and I don't want my man to see it or me in it.  So, don't expect to see pictures of it here, but if you want to see it,email me.

I didn't find it on this trip, but like I said, Gretchen and I had a great time!


Oh! Nails.


Sometimes the names of these places just crack me up!

The only thing that would make this better is if it was singular - Oh! Nail

True to form, we both saw the sign and Gretchen just walked over to the sign... she didn't have to ask me if I had my camera, and I didn't have to ask if she wanted me to take a picture.

Oh! Nails.


We had dinner at Tommy Thai.

I'm thinking Tommy isn't his real name, you know?

But it was YUMMY!! I love Thai food.  Ann, shout out to you for moving to a place with awesome food - I can't wait to come visit you ONE DAY!


Gretchen smarted...

Then, it was into David's Bridal we went... I tried on a parade of dresses.  I was a little scared at first, but then it was fun... then I ran out of energy because I had been awake for like 20 hours... which is why I look like death.  Like I said, none of these are THE DRESS but the pictures are fun to look at and part of the reason I love having a blog is for selfish reasons, I love looking back at the memories, so here are some pics of the Not-My-Dress-Parade...

       IMG_3489  IMG_3482IMG_3473IMG_3484IMG_3478   

I spent a lot of time this past week thinking about my favorite dress from that trip, which was this one:

IMG_3494  IMG_3495

This dress was the only one that really, truly felt good on.  Felt like "me."  But I wrestled ALL WEEK with - do I really want a tea-length wedding dress?

It was a good price, which was appealing.

And it was really easy to get on, which was also nice.  And we are having a pretty casual ceremony, but I don't know, something about it just didn't feel right...

Even though it was super cute!

I had no idea what to do about shoes for this dress, either.  And I don't want to look back at my wedding pictures in 20 years and wish I had "dressed up more" or something.  I mean, how many occasions do you have to wear a full-on GOWN, you know?

I do like this dress, though.

See my back-and-forth??  Troubling, I tell you.  To be continued...


Buddy Ritter said...

That gives us "chills"... Beautiful!

Courtney said...

Love the pics. And, having seen THE DRESS, love it the best! You did a great job!! :-D As for shoes - wear something rediculously comfortable. Serious. Or, like me, be comfortable kicking them off asap and being barefoot. :)

Chris Vaughn said...

Great post, Dana. You're such a good blogger. I aspire to be the blogger you are! And congrats on the dress!

susan said...

I'm with you on the dress length with that last one.. It IS beautiful, but I think you should go floor length. And as for shoes.. I'm gonna state the obvious.. you're a flip flop girl.. you should totally wear some beautiful, bejeweled and bedazzled flip flops.. get an awesome pedi to match.. and be COMFY!!! The last thing you want is for your dawgs to be barking when you're trying to do the electric slide (hahahahaha).
The "not my dress".. good call!
Love ya gurl.. thanks for sharing!

susan said...
check it!