Sunday, January 25, 2009


Next up on my blog to-do list is a post on the Inauguration.  But I just don't have time to load all of my pictures up right now, so maybe later.

To stall... look at this from the Washington Post. It's amazing!  Such a creative interactive way to tell the story!  Score one for internet journalism. (I whispered that, please don't kill my craft.)

And, check this out. (shout out Brent) If you're terribly bored, you can find me if you play Where's Waldo with this picture.  Hint: I'm on the media riser, wearing a red scarf on my head. 

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ann said...

Quit stalling!!! ha ha! For the first time I am reading your blog faithfully and you aren't writing in it! Maybe I should go back a year or so and catch up--ha ha! Love ya!