Saturday, January 24, 2009

Other trip pictures

I have a couple more pictures from our trip that I found while I was looking back at pictures.  How sad is it that the only way I can remember what I've done in the past 3 weeks is to look at my pictures?  If there's not a picture of it, it's like it didn't even happen!


Another beautiful sunset we saw on our road trip.

IMG_3383This is Michael's PaPa, Harry and his girfriend, Miss Jean and little Ally, who completely stole my heart!!

She was so stinking adorable - showing me all of her Barbie stuff and dancing and singing to country music videos on TV.

She made me want a little girl SO BAD!


p.s. Aren't Harry & Jean the cutest couple, ever??


IMG_3385As if my melted heart could not be any more liquified... Michael reading Beauty and the Beast to Allison - complete with voices and everything.

You know it was good when it pulled my attention away from my Hokies playing in the Orange Bowl...

Aaaahhh.  Cutest. Thing. Ever.  Like I said... SOMEDAY.

IMG_3386I know this is random... and unfortunately the lighting in Cracker Barrel wasn't all that good.. but look closely, past Michael's shoulder there, and you'll see one of the greatest childhood mullets EVER.

It had lots of product and the dad had a champion of a mullet, too.


IMG_3387Luke and Beka were nice enough to give us a ride up to the airport... they remind me so much of the couple in the Sonic commercials... so, natrually, when we stopped at Sonic for breakfast, I had to take their picture!

What a funny couple.  Good people!  Love them, too.


Mad props to Granny Nora who watched Brokaw for 2 WEEKS while I was gone!

God, did I miss this dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, look at that face, seriously!!!!

muffin. head.

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