Monday, January 5, 2009

Now I've Had the Time of My Life...

No I never felt like this before.... yep, cue the Dirty Dancing music.  My trip to see my wonderful fiance, Michael, and his family, across the Southern United States (it felt like we should have concert tour t-shirts made by the end of it) was PERFECT.  Nice and long, good times with friends and family and good times just the two of us.  Many laughs and snuggles and good memories made.

The only thing is, now more than any time before, I feel like I've left a part of my heart behind.  I guess that's good.  We are about to get married, oh, 8 MONTHS FROM TODAY, so I suppose we should be this close.  But, man, does it hurt to be apart. 

Quick recap: Started our own Christmas traditions, ate awesome seafood, wii, homemade mexican, salsa dancing, friends, family, road trip, singing in the car, silver dollar city, old time wedding photo, friends, family, mother of all bass pro shops, two movies, the coolest 5 year old girl EVER, champagne, chocolate, snuggling, laughing, crying, New Year's kiss!  Phew.  We squeezed a lot into our short time together (which was actually the longest we've been together at one time, ever.)

Okay, now what you've all been waiting for (unless you're a Facebook addict like me and you've already seen our pictures):  Pictures.  Sorry I didn't get to them sooner, I have a bit of a little cold and I didn't have the patience in between Benadryl overdoses yesterday to get this post out.

I'm kind of crunched for time, so I may have to post the pics, then come back and commentate for you.

December08 075 

Would you LOOK at those eyes? (Michael's not the dog's.)  My man has the most amazing eyes and I could just look into them forever.

Princess looks sad here, but she was actually quite content to sit on his lap.  Her new haircut is so cute!

December08 077 

We ate Christmas lunch/dinner with friends of Michael's - Phil & JoAnn and his Pastor Jim and his wife, Stephanie.

JoAnn made the most fabulous desserts.  1.  A homemade key lime pie!

December08 079 

JoAnn also slaved over a 6 layer chocolate cake a la Paula.

Hey y'all!!  :)

It was so incredibly delicious, I'm practically drooling all over my keyboard just thinking about it.

December08 080 

We set up their new Wii.  Oh, the fun of watching a few middle aged people find their inner gamer!

Making the Miis was so much fun, too!

December08 089 

We took pictures in front of several Christmas trees.  I like this one because I clearly jumped the gun to go preview the picture. Haha.

I love how Michael is still sitting there, totally in picture mode and I look like there's some sort of emergency or something, ha!

December08 088 

There we go.  This one is mo bettra.

Merry Christmas!!

December08 091

Here we are in front of another Christmas tree!  I decided I like being that far south on Christmas. 

Note the short sleeves!  If I had packed flip-flops, they would have definitely been on!

December08 085 

A quick visit with some of Michael's good friends in Texas.

December08 092 

This was our view from the condo at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO.

It would later provide the perfect place to watch fireworks on NYE!

December08 099 

I secretly snapped this picture when he was preaching Sunday night at his Dad's church.

My man can BRING IT!  I was moved.  I just love to hear him speak, it's so cool to see him being used by God and it comes so natural to him, it's crazy!

I wish there was a recording of it!

December08 101 

We had a great time touring around Silver Dollar City with the fam.

Here they are coming up with the master plan.  Just make sure you feed Dana, so everyone stays happy!

December08 103
We kissed under the mistletoe.


December08 105 

We did NOT get married at the Wilderness Church, although we did consider it.

December08 104 

We did take a classic old-timey photo dressed as Bride & Groom.  I have to scan that later so you can see it!

December08 107 

Here we have my future father-in-law doing God-knows what.  Future MIL is in the background probably wondering what he's doing too!

Funny picture, though! 

December08 106 

Cowboy Mike.

Ain't he cute?

Very Indiana Jonesy, yes?

Geez... I feel like I don't have that many pictures from the trip at all, yet this is starting to feel long.  How is that?  I have so many from the Bass Pro Shop, that may have to be its own post.

Update: I finally scanned that old timey picture of us "getting married."  Here you go:Img001


Courtney said...

I love it! I love the pics, the memories, and most of all the utter and complete joy and love in your voice!! So fun. :) Thanks for sharing, girl! Praying for you as you miss him and look forward to eight months from today. :)

cindy floyd said...

I think Princess looks sad cause she's moving in with Brokaw, and she has no clue!!