Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Mornings

It’s Saturday morning, quarter after six.

I woke up “late” for me on a Saturday morning… about quarter after five.

I like to get up as early as possible on Saturday mornings so I can enjoy them in all of their fullness.  Sometimes as early as 4am!


There is nothing else like Saturday morning.  It holds so much opportunity.  It is such a blank slate.

I am rested.  There are no expectations waiting for me.  I can wear jammies for hours and do what I want.


I can watch the news if I want.

I can read the paper if I want.

But I don’t have to.

I don’t have to know what’s going on, who had what interviews and exclusives, etc.


I can take time to smell my coffee before I gulp it.

This morning, I’m sipping Starbucks Breakfast Blend, from a small mug.

I’m in my flannel jammies, typing by the light of the Christmas tree.

In the background, there is Harry Connick Jr. singing Christmas songs and another of my favorites – the Charlie Brown Christmas album – on shuffle.


I have had to chase Brokaw down a couple of times.  Once to get the remote after he put the TV on the dance music channel.  Again to rescue a glass bulb before I have one less polka dotted ornament and Brokaw has another bloody near-emergency in his mouth.

But, that’s okay.


I feel like Saturday mornings are my restful, yet creative time.

It is usually on Saturday mornings that I write.

It is usually on Saturday mornings that I play with things like Photoshop or settings on my camera – my time to learn, but with no pressure.


I almost always check on Saturday mornings.

Today, it’s going to be cold.  It’s not getting out of the 30s.

I am tempted to take myself on a field trip – to go look at the Christmas decorations around Downtown DC or check out the new Capitol Visitors Center.

But… I don’t really feel like walking around with my face hurting in the frigid breeze.

So, maybe I’ll make some Christmas cookies instead.

After I drink my coffee, hum to my Christmas music, write and play with my creative side.


My favorite part is early – before the sun comes up.

The daylight brings reminders of the things I need to do – pay bills, do laundry, go buy things like paper towels and windex and stamps.

I wish you all a pleasant Saturday morning!  I’m getting a re-fill now.

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cindy floyd said...

It is Saturday night now, but that sounded like a great Saturday morning!!