Sunday, December 7, 2008

Links & My thoughts on MTP

Buckle up, faithful readers.  Re-fill your coffee.  Bust out your 100 calorie packs.  I've got a lot to share with you from the last week or so.  Don't act like you have anything better to do this morning other than read this blog - it didn't end up on your favorites list or in your Google reader for nuthin'!  :) I'm only half way kidding.

Here are some links I meant to share with you but didn't because I was such a blog slacker:

1.  Did y'all see this kid on the Today Show?  At first glance, I thought, "Aww, he's cute.  He's right!"  Upon further review, I decided to pray for his safety.  This is exactly the kind of kid that gets high-kicked by another kid jumping off a swing set.

2.  My co-worker drew my attention tothis blog from the New York Times.  If you LOVE COFFEE, check it out!  It's very creative!

3.  Finally... this article from this weekend is exactly the kind of thing that really FREAKS ME OUT.  I'm so sad as I hear of more and more layoffs in my industry each day.  It's a scary time!  I am suddenly not feeling so secure - a feeling that is truly foreign to me.  You may see me tagging along to the next Congressional automaker bailout hearing asking if they can tack on a little provision for TV newsies - we need a bailout, too! 

While I'm here let me briefly share my thoughts on Meet The Press.  Oh man, I still really miss Tim Russert!  You know I hate to see Tom Brokaw go, but I understand the need for a permanent moderator and I think David Gregory will do an excellent job.  He's totally on top of his game and he's a huge Washington insider so I'm sure the show will continue to rule the Sunday Talk Show world.  I thought it was cool to see Brokaw hand it off to Gregory.  What I thought was so neat was the way both men approached talking about MTP with such humility.  It is the longest running television show in America, after all!

Tom Brokaw said this:

"I'll be happy to be back but I really encourage you to reach to your generation and get fresh new voices out there, because it's a very impressive crowd of young journalists whose are coming of age."

Man!  What I would give to have lunch with this man.  I SO respect him and his perspective on pretty much everything always seems to be spot-on.  I can only hope that I'll be included in that crowd.  This stinky economy may rob me of my dream job.  And I'm working on dealing with that.  But I still feel a great sense of duty and calling in what I do.  And that's thanks, in a large part, to journalists like Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert.

P.S.  Did you ever know that if I got a 2nd dog (a.k.a. if I lost my mind) I was going to name him Russert?  It really is a form of flattery, I promise!


christin said...

I need to comment on your blog more. Google Reader makes me lazy, I'm sorry.
That coffee blog made me SO happy I can't even tell you. I bookmarked it so I can link to it and read it lots and lots.
Also, can I just tell you that the older I get the more I fall in love with the NYTimes? Truly. And I am sad for Mad Ave but at the same time - all these richie-richersons who make oodles of cash doing exactly what I do but for more glamorous products can afford to have a couple tough years. Soon they'll be back to making millions for writing superb copy about...windshields. or something.

Courtney said...

Okay, totally in agreement with the coffee link. LOVE IT. I wonder how much trouble it would be to make my own Coffee-love napkins ... :-D

Denzel said...

Thanks and regards.