Monday, December 22, 2008

It's so hard to say goodbye...

to yesterdaaaayyyyy. Ooooooh.  Okay, enough of me singing an old Boyz II Men song in my head, right? 

Last week I took a mid-week road trip to say goodbye to my close, good, dear friend, Ann.  She's off to Thailand soon!  I am so incredibly proud of her.  What she's done to get to this point and how she's living out a dream and answering a call.  She is one brave lady and I know she will have an amazing time and do an excellent job in Thailand.  Please keep her in your prayers!  You can also follow along with her adventures on her blog.

December08 048 

I will miss my Ann SOOOO MUCH!! I know we only see eachother every now and then.. we're used to living in different cities and such, yes, yes.

But something about Thailand just seems SO. FAR. AWAY. Ya know?

Well... at least with my schedule, we should be able to keep up online!


This picture is too much fun not to post!

Some of the Grooms family, which became like family to me and Ann during our time in Roanoke, came to see her off.

Jon in a blonde ambition sandwich!


Karin and Ann.  I know she will miss Ann lots, too!

December08 049 

Ann's Aunt Joyce and Uncle Steve came, too.  They are so much fun!!  I think I may still crash their annual Apple Blossom weekend in May, even though Ann won't be there!

December08 051 

This was my amazing view of Ann's commissioning ceremony.

She was so super fast with her "Hi, I'm Ann and I'm going to Thailand," that I didn't have time to snap an adequate photograph!

December08 050 

So, natrually, Joyce and I made her re-enact it!!

Such a good sport...

December08 054 

Okay, Thailand.  Let's talk.  You better take good care of my friend Ann and be nice to her.  She's missing my wedding for you!

Ann, nothing but love for you!!  All the best to you and I really, REALLY hope I can come visit you!!  You know I love you like a sister and you'll be in my prayers every day.


cindy floyd said...

I love Ann! You two girls are friends for life! Soul Sisters!! Good Luck Ann!!

Ann said...

thanks for the sweet tribute! I will miss you so much!!!!