Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brokaw's Big Bite (updated)

No, there's not a new special on hot dogs at 7/11.  This is about the bloody situation my dear puggle got himself into over the weekend.  Bloody as in gross, actual blood, a "scene" if you will (bust out the yellow tape!) not bloody as in the British cuss word, I would never! (*winks*)It was Saturday morning.  Early.  I was in the living room, enjoying nice warm coffee, a fresh Saturday morning Washington Post and GMA weekend when I realized that Brokaw wasn't near me.  And he was quiet.  This is NEVER good.  I remembered seeing him go into the kitchen.  There's nothing he can get into in the kitchen without making noise.

So, I peeped around the corner to check on him and I found this. **Warning - it's kind of gross -- if you can't stand the sight of blood, don't say I didn't warn you.  Don't go passing out in your cubicle at work and blaming me or my blog. Don't sue - I don't have anything anyway!

December08 004 

A little more background... he had been chewing on a rawhide twist.

Don't worry, Ben - not the one you sent him!

December08 010 

This is the wide shot of the scene.  Don't mind Brokaw's embarassing Christmas shirt, hahaha.  I don't make him leave the house like this, I swear!  Not anymore...

His injury has nothing to do with his shirt.

Want a closer look?  Yeah you do, those of you who watch those crime shows or hospital shows and don't turn away during the gross parts!

December08 009  Note the smeared blood all over the place.  On his paws, even!

He was obsessively licking his bowls.  I don't even want to think about why because it was probably because he liked it. (yucko!)

I rushed him to the bathroom, doggie ER style and cleaned off his paws.  They were fine.  I noticed his mouth was still bleeding, and that's when I diagnosed him.

He cut his tongue!  I think he must have been chewing on it along with that rawhide.  So, I doused him with Hydrogen Peroxide, applied pressure.... and in the end, he was fine.  The bowls went in the dish washer, I oxy-cleanified the carpet and we are just a couple of survivors!  Note.  He did not injure himself by licking the chipped place on his food bowl.  I know that's a little ghetto, but whatev.  That happened years ago and I haven't bought new doggie bowls.  Don't even accuse me of being a slack dog owner because we all know this is the most spoiled dog in the history of the world.

December08 022

Brokaw totally milked the injury for all it was worth. (total typical male, right ladies?)

Here he is laying on my clean, warm laundry!

December08 026 


December08 024
This was the next day.  Yep.  That tongue is as good as new!


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kristen said...

ok, the tongue pic totally needs to be entered into some kind of contest...that was too cute!!! glad he's ok.
as for his Christmas shirt, it's what all the cool kids wear, Mom!! :)