Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Amazing Gracyn

Finally, I'm almost all caught up!  Soon, I can go back to daily blogging.  And you'll be able to read all about my fascinating socks and how I hate growing my bangs out.  Aren't you stoked?

Over the weekend, I drove up to Baltimore for the fabulous, funny, legendary Gretchen's birthday.  It was a big one!  :)  I had to drive in the snow.  I tried being in denial that it was snow.  At first I was thinking, no, it's probably just rain that looks like snow against the headlights.  Then I saw cars coming in my direction that were unashamedly covered in white.  Okay, okay, so it's winter.  Whatever.

It was a fun trip because I got to see some of my favorite peeps and even though it was so cold my face hurt walking down the street, it was a lot of fun!  There was really good food from a great restaurant in Little Italy, CUPCAKES and... let me introduce to you for the very first time on this blog.....

December08 029 

Mini Jordan!  Yep, that's right.  You've heard of Air Jordan.  But this is mini Jordan.

Baby Gracyn!  This tiny little girl is so sweet she will melt your heart.

Don't be scared just because she's a month old and throwing up gang signs!

She is such a cutie.  And a real sport!  She barely makes any noise and is such a happy little baby girl!

Jordan looks AMAZING.

December08 035 

This was the hand-off ceremony.  Gretchen and I must hold each baby that is had for us surrogate style and smile! :)

Doc needed some love, too.

December08 031

Gretchen said Gracyn looked like a glow worm when she was all swaddled for bed.

Spot on!

December08 039

Gracyn all thugged out eye-patch style with her ever so appropriate cupcake hat!

I wish I had a cupcake hat!

December08 033

Jason and Keith.

Nothing but love.

Twue Wuv.



cindy floyd said...

Good Swaddling!! She is precious!!

Gracyn said...

Hi! My name is Gracyn Floyd and I am 14 years old! This is awesome, she has the same name as me!