Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm kind of enjoying this

I have a break between live shots this morning, so I'm going to bang out another random blog!  Thanks for your comments! :)

Let me begin by saying I overslept last night.  This NEVER happens because my sweet fiance calls me each night at 11pm to wake me up.  I missed his call.  My phone was on silent.  I put it on silent at work and I guess I never turned it back up.  Weird.  I don't usually do things out of habit.  So YEAH - apparently I do wake up "naturally" ABOUT AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER.  Brokaw was in my face.  Wouldn't go away.  He had to pee so bad!!  I took him outside and he literally peed on the side of the apartment building, haha!!

Today President Bush is going to dedicate the National Museum of American History.  It's re-opening after being closed for 2 years for rennovations.  I am so excited about this!  The American History Museum is my ultimate favorite museum in Washington and I can't wait to go!  Maybe I'll check it out this weekend if it's not 10 degrees outside.  We'll see.

Oh, interesting article in today's USA Today.  It seems we were overpraised as children and now we expect too much.  I certainly did not feel "over" praised as a child, but I can relate to that sense of "I won't fail at anything."  Your thoughts?

Can I vent for a second?  I'm really REALLY over the term "grill" when it comes to talking about Congressional hearings.  Okay?  Seriously.  Grilled.  Grilled chicken, yes.  Grilled salmon, sure.  Grilled just about anything else, yes, sign me up.  But grilled auto CEOs?  No thanks.  This is the executive producer in me.  I get really, really over words in "news speak" when they are overused and especially when they're just stupid.  While I'm at it:  Just as much as I need news writers to stop using "grilled" for whoever is in the "hot seat" (I also hate that one) at said Congressional hearing, I need Senators to stop using medical metaphors.

I don't know how many times during yesterday's Senate Banking hearing I heard terms like "hemorraging", "life support," "stop the bleeding," etc. etc. etc.  STOP.

I'm watching Morning Joe right now and I want to jump through the screen and take their Venti Starbucks cups and drink whatever is in them because I'm certain, it's yummy.


rebecca said...

love the random blog. made me smile and we are come to maryland after christmas and it made me hope we can go to dc for the day. surely i can do that with a 4 month old, right?

rebecca said...

sorry for my grammatical error...:-)

rebecca said...

sorry for my grammatical error...:-)

that girl said...

For some of my students, the USA Today article, is dead on. Some of them do not take criticism well and believe that as long as they "try hard" they will earn an A. I am forced to feed them the harsh reality they have never consumed in their lifetimes. It's sad to say but so true. I have to be the Simon Cowell of their lives--not that I'm mean about it. I'm just realistic and constructive.