Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get in Shape, Girl!

Remember those?  Did you have that?  I did. The tape with the jump rope.  I didn't ever really do it. (shocker)

3 Days in a row!  A blog turkey.  Please send me a gold star.  Thanks.

I really need Barack Obama to stop going to the gym, mmkay?  He's making me feel really, really guilty.  I mean, if this guy can get up the day after election night, on like 2 hours of sleep (maybe) then that means I can probably go.  Ugh!!

I forgot to go to the gym yesterday.  Had a bag packed.  Ipod was charged.  Then, out of habit, after work, I just got in my car to go home.  Now, I'm back here at the office and that stupid gym bag is staring at me and I'm thinking about how Barack has probably already lifted weights and played basketball, in between intelligence briefings and picking his Cabinet members.  Darn it.  He's too perfect. 

I do need to go.  I mean, seriously, there's a gym at the office.  One in my apartment building.  And I can also go at the Press Club, which is on my way home.  Am I a loser, or what?  I'm going today!  I need to stop being in denial about that 1/2 marathon I'm supposed to run in March, or I'll be in the line the night before to change my registration to the 8K!  Haha.

But, my tummy hurts... because I've had one too many "fun" size snickers.  I swear the candy pumpkin at work is out to get me.  Why?  Why me?


christin said...

K I love that you are talking about Barack's workouts. He IS too perfect.
And you have a gym at work?!?!? you're right, you have no excuse. that sounds awesome! I wish we had one.
and you still have a candy pumpkin???? leftover from Halloween or what? hilarious.

Gretchen said...

You should blog about your b-maids.....I think everyone wants to read about them.

Missi said...

So I'm just catching up on your blog today (I'm on a mini-vaca) and I'm sad to hear you weren't eating BABY RUTHS!!!! lol...