Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy, Busy Friday

I just realized I didn't blog this morning!  We had a very busy morning - with the Bush financial summit about to get underway and Obama apparently thinking of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State...  But... I feel obligated to throw something out here after my awesome week of faithful blogging!

Let's see... what have I got for you...

Um - I feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed by thoughts about this wedding.  I have spent way too many hours googling things this week! 

My brain cache needs to be CLEARED.  Too many images.  Gowns.  Invitations.  Flowers.  Favors.  Bridesmaid dresses.  Cakes.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  There are TOO MANY CHOICES.  There is NOT ENOUGH MONEY.

I am having to constantly remind myself that the really important parts of that day... are going to be the parts that don't actually COST a thing.

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christin said...

oh my gosh, "brain cache"!!! that is brilliant. and that is SO true. I feel like mine needs to be cleared too. I think that's a zen concept we should start formulating and maybe write a book. the masses will EAT IT UP. :)
and you're right about the parts that don't cost a thing...making my ceremony as personal as I could but still traditional was one of the best things - because that is truly what I remember.