Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're Engaged!!!

Mike'sDCTrip 007

I'm so overwhelmed with joy that I don't even know where to start!!

It was Friday night. Between 8:10 and 8:30, I can confirm. It was chilly out and after walking around the National Mall, Michael and I sat for a break here, at the World War II Memorial.

It is BEAUTIFUL at night! So romantic! Michael had me pull out his laptop and a box he had sent to my apartment. I admit, when we were getting ready to go out that night, I thought it was semi-strange that he wanted to bring his computer (although not so odd that it made me suspicious) and I wasn't suspicious of the box either - when I asked about it last week, he told me that it was "just something he needed."
Mike'sDCTrip 011 I was sitting on a ledge beside him. The computer was on his lap. He pulled up a video he made for me. It had all of these pictures of me, us, my family, his family... friends... it was the perfect mix of comical commentary and meaningful memories.

I teared up. I knew what was going on at this point. The video came to an end and I was ready for a kiss! Eyes closed, puckered up, the whole bit! Michael told me to "hold on." Then, eloquently, he asked me if I'd give him the honor of making memories together for the rest of our lives!

Mike'sDCTrip 012

I was so overwhelmed I couldn't even speak! I was trembling from the inside out! This was it!! This was my proposal!! And it was PERFECT! Of course, I said yes. I told him I'd be honored. In the box were BEAUTIFUL diamond earrings!! I was so surprised! They are so classy and Michael had them designed to match my Granny's ring, which I now have happily on my left ring finger. :)

After that, we just held each other. We thanked each other and just professed our love. It was super sappy now that I type it out on a blog. But I don't care!! I love this man with all that I have to love him and it was PERFECT.

Notice how you don't see anyone else in this last picture? That's funny because there were people all around. I know I saw them before Michael popped the question, and afterwards. But in that moment, everything stopped. And everyone but us ceased to exist there at the WWII Memorial. The proposal was PERFECT! I love that he made me a movie. That's so me! I love that he played it on his computer. That's so him! I love that we were in the middle of Downtown DC at a beautiful monument, taking it all in! I love that I was proposed to while wearing a Roxy sweatshirt and he was rocking a fleece. That's so US! I love that we just sat there and let it sink in. Oh, that moment!

Mike'sDCTrip 013

I kind of always imagined that the second after I got engaged I would want to call my mom, or my friends, like right then...

Surprisingly, I didn't. I just wanted to be there with my man, soaking it all up. So, as I just mentioned, that's what we did.

Then, in the cab on the way back to my apartment, we spilled the news to our cab driver! He was the first person to know the official news!

There you have it. That's our story. I hope I did it justice. Because it was PERFECT. Did I say that already?


Eileen said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you... and everything about the proposal sounded so perfect!!!

cindy floyd said...

How Romantic!!

Rebecca Atcherson said...

Oh my goodness! I just read every single word of all those catch up posts! I am so glad you put the story up here and I had to hold back the tears b/c I am at work of course. So happy for you guys! All those pics are cracking me up! You guys are adorable!!! Love it!!! Again SOOO HAPPPY FOR YOU!! Mike did good!!!

Jamie Goodwin said...

Wow! Your story is amazing and I love how he proposed. I know we really don't know each other, but reading your blog makes me think we could be great friends :) I'm so happy for you both. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you both!

Brent Nieter said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Shannon said...

You were right - you did just win the lottery!!!! though I am sure God had His hand in it! Many blessings on the wonderful journey ahead!

christin said...

beautiful story, beautiful couple - SO happy for you Dana!!! and I LOVE your bling! both of them! :) just saw the post today. happy, happy engagement!!!!!!