Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday morning, thanks to my super sweet contact at the White House, Michael and I got to go to the South Lawn to watch a Marine One Departure.  President Bush was heading to Louisiana for some economic something-or-other.  (Oh, the difference in details that are absorbed when I'm working vs. when I'm not!)

It was AWESOME!  Marine One is powerful!  It was a powerful experience, in general.  I love being at the White House.  I've been there many times now for work, but it never gets old.  It was really special to be there with my man!! 

Mike'sDCTrip 047 

Here we are in the Rose Garden. 

Mike'sDCTrip 053 

Doesn't he look all Secret Servicey in his sunglasses?  Haha

Mike'sDCTrip 056 

This shows you how powerful the wind from the helicopter was!

Look at the press pass in my hair, haha!!

Mike'sDCTrip 061 

POTUS totally waved at us!! Becky, I'm thinking since you weren't there, the low wave was for us!  :)

Mike'sDCTrip 065 

C-ya W!

Mike'sDCTrip 075 

After that, we totally geeked out in the Briefing Room. (Something I have always wanted to do, but I have yet to have a willing partner!)

Mike'sDCTrip 079 

I found just the guy!

Mike'sDCTrip 076 

Brown (for now), not Perino.  Get your Danas right!


Mike'sDCTrip 082 

West Wing, baby!

Typepad is being stupid, and won't let me upload any more photos, but I have a couple more I'd like to put in this post.

Shout out to Elizabeth for the hook-up!  Thank you so much!!

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