Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kenny & Coffee

The "before work" blog on a weeknight is RARE.   But here it is!  I'm watching Kenny Chesney on TV right now and I'm being essentially transported back to one of the best nights of this past summer.

Aaahhh.  I downloaded Kenny's new album, "Lucky Old Sun" today.  I can't wait to listen to it all as I get ready for work tonight!  He was on GMA Tuesday morning but I was TOO BUSY to watch.  Too busy for Kenny Chesney??? I know, right?   That's what back to back morning statements from President Bush and Henry Paulson/Ben Bernanke will do to me...  Thank God for DVR!!

I really like the change-up!  Jamming to Kenny, drinking coffee -- is a pretty sweet way to start the day.  I can tell that Robin Roberts loves him, I love her!  Okay, back to Kenny & Coffee for the next 10 minutes...

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cindy floyd said...

no updates??? Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!My girl has had a busy busy and eventful weekend!!!!!