Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Friday, I'm in Love

The way I celebrate Friday, you'd think it was some kind of holiday or something.  But I really, REALLY look forward to weekends because that's my only chance to sleep - in the DARK - like a normal person and I love it.

I'm in love with sleep.

I'm in love with Fridays.

I'm also madly in love with a beautiful man I will see 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY!

I ate ice cream cake for breakfast.  I think I've worn make-up MAYBE twice this week (I always bring it to work, it almost never makes it onto my face).  I wear all black when I'm too tired to put an outfit together - I'm wearing all black today (with the exception of my green trench coat) and it's the second time this week I've done that.  I need a break!

Pardon the grumpyness.  I didn't sleep much because I got up to watch the VP DEBATE last night and I'm glad I did!! I don't like to wax all political on my blog (for obvious reasons) but I'll just say that It definitely beat what I saw of the first presidential debate!  I'm looking forward to Tina Fey on SNL this weekend - she definitely has some new material to work with!

I leave Monday for Nashville to cover the 2nd presidential debate.  I'm so excited!! And I'm praying for good weather because if it's all rainy and gross it will be hard to make beautiful television!

Happy weekend to everyone!! It's a lovely Fall weekend here in DC.  I'm hoping to enjoy some time outside.

Random note: Last night I went to McDonalds, where I saw a sign for a pumpkin shake and some kind of pumpkin pie turnover or something.  Has anyone tried this stuff?


christin said...

hi, fall junkie here. of course I have tried this shake! It's pretty sweet. like, TOO sweet. i didn't like it much. I know you don't have Culver's, but they have an awesome pumpkin shake - even that though, I can only drink 1/4 of it before it's too much. you could mix it with some vanilla or some fro-yo and that would make it awesome!
We are also celebrating this friday, since this is Dave's first week DONE at work! It was a long, hard week, truly. really tough. he's exhausted. he plans to do nothing but sleep as well.
drinking a PSL in honor of this beautiful fall day - have a great weekend!!!

Becky Barber said...

so christin, i guess mickey d's didn't nail the pumpkin shake quite like they do the shamrock shake, huh? daaaaang it. i was all excited as i was reading this post and then when i saw christin's comment the balloon got quickly deflated. stink.