Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yes, yes, I'm behind on the blog.  I know this.  Sorry, faithful readers!  My blog is becoming the online version of my laundry basket.  It's piling up.  I just realized I still have convention pictures to post.  Yeah, yeah, maybe tomorrow - it's so much better posting them on Internet Explorer, so maybe after work in the morning...

Now, though, the final chapter to the Scoop Saga.


Scoop was returned to me, unharmed, the final night of the convention.  There was a knock on the skybox door.  I opened it, and scoop was in the hallway, with an American Flag.

He's such a patriot!


Unfortunately, Scoop's ultimate demise was yet to come.

After safely making it home to DC, he was blinded by a giant puggle.

Poor Scoop.
He is ever the inspiration, though.

Do you think this means Brokaw is a Democrat?

Hmmm..  political puggle.

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