Monday, September 1, 2008

Road to St. Paul

The fun began almost immediately at Ronald Reagan Airport.  My co-worker, Sally, is totally game for my wacky ideas.  This is great, so great.  All I need is someone to egg my ridiculous on, and it's OVER.  Evidence:


Sally and Mac Daddy.  Such a sport.

I think this cardboard cutout makes John McCain look big.  Not tall big, I'm not sure how tall he is really, but anyone over 5' 7" is "tall" to me and Sally, so....


My turn.

Return of the Mac.

I don't know why he was looking so upset?  I tried, in vain it appears, to lighten the mood a little...

My eyes are constantly peeled for celebrities and fauxlebrities (the people I have to explain to my friends and I know they're totally googling later).

This guy is NOT Chuck Todd, technically.  

But he looked like him from a distance.


And this little guy is not famous yet, but give him time.

His name is "Scoop."  Sally named him.  He's a webkin, and if you know anyone under the age of 10, you know that Webkinz are to small children what diamonds are to women, what 50 yard line NFL tickets are to men, you get the picture.

Anyway, "Scoop," (Eric later started calling him "Stump," he answers to both) is along with our group for the duration of the RNC.  
He goes where we go!  You can follow Scoop's adventures here on my blog, so check back over the next few days to see what he does, like.....

Here Scoop is waiting for his flight out of DC.

You can see, he's trying to stay up with the latest in politics, what with his BlackBerry and his Newsweek and all...


Scoop had a hunch this little storm in the Gulf, "Gustav" would be playing into how our convention coverage would shake out...

Good news nose, Scoop!

Justin pointed this out to me, this is apparently the "red carpet" United Airlines will roll out for you if you're a frequent flyer or if you pay more or something.


And apparently non-a-listers who step on said red carpet are quickly told to "back away from the red carpet."

It's all of like 4 feet long.  Where are the paparazzi, I ask?

Air travel has become quite hilarious.

Redemption: One step back, two steps forward!

Any airline that "proudly brews Starbucks Coffee" is fine with me!

This was my mid-air brew.

We connected at O'Hare.
And we ate lunch at a mini-Chili's.

The menu was strange.  It was pretty much burgers and nothing of the Tex-Mex like.

Huh?  No fajitas?  And I'm at Chilis?  I didn't know what to think.

Scoop was game.

We couldn't figure out if this was a joke or something.

We asked our waitress, and she told us something, but was kind of half laughing, so, still not clear about the "out of chickens" sign.

Thank GOD they weren't out of Diet Coke.  I had to snap this shot in honor of Sally. 

Sally is seriously powered by Diet Coke.

I think this was #47.

Justin helped Scoop to some water.

Then we were off once again!




(That's Howard Kurtz in the background! Google that name if you don't know it, I'm going to come back to this in a moment)


And automobiles.

*Yes, this is a mini van.  No, I did not break my pledge to own a mini van. (no offense to any mini van mamas who may read this blog, it's just not for me)

All we needed were some soccer magnets.

Okay, quick story:  So, we spotted Howard Kurtz in the tram to the rental car part of the airport.  Then, he was in the same line we were at Avis.  We were going to approach him for a picture, but he seemed to be in a hurry.  Sally noted something funny!  I don't remember if I blogged about this - but when we went to the New Hampshire Primary - we saw Howard Dean in the Hertz rental car line.  Sally said Saturday "I wonder if we'll always see a Howard in line for rental cars.  Weird!

This is sally in New Hampshire in January Howard Dean is in the background, to the left, haha!)


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