Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes, yes, I realize I'm falling terribly behind.  For now, pictures, minus my colorful commentary.  More later.  I promise, I'm uploading stuff as fast as I can.  We're working crazy hours and the internet at the hotel is spotty...

Here I am producing Monday AM's live shots.  Yes I am on like 47 phones and a headset.

Doesn't it look like Sally is going live from a crime scene? Hahaha... throw back to local news days :)

Isn't this sign funny?  We were thirsty, but we needed a backlight more than we needed water!

Would you believe I forgot my tennis shoes?  I bought some bo-bo's from Target and they were a LIFESAVER!  I felt like an old lady sporting black pants and tennis shoes, but everyone was doing it, so I figured it made me cool.

Live shot #447:  Shout out to WGAL in Lancaster, PA!!

Eric, forced into compliance because of boredom, started bonding with Scoop.

We ate way too much candy.

This stuff appeared to be holding imporant piping in the ceilling of the skybox... doesn't it look like peanut butter?

We also ate pizza.  I ate more on this trip than any other 5 day period in recent memory, I'm pretty sure!

Eric McJensen.

Various shots of Scoop doing our various jobs and me being a goof off at the live shot location.

DSC_0163 GOPConvention08 066 GOPConvention08 067

GOPConvention08 068

GOPConvention08 069

GOPConvention08 070

GOPConvention08 071

GOPConvention08 073

GOPConvention08 079


GOPConvention08 080

DSC_0152DSC_0161 DSC_0151

GOPConvention08 082


Rebecca A. said...

It still looks like you are having fun!
I was gonna tell you that the only nice thing about shopping at the mall of america is that there is no tax on clothes. Nice perk I think. I lived 4 hours from the cities until december. Oh how I miss being so close to them.

susan deshazo said...

bobos.. they make your feet smell fine.
bobos.. they cost a dolla ninety nine.
it's even worse when you're buying your bobos at be-lo's
one more bobo comment and i'm out..
chris calls them "double bos" instead of bobos.. weird Fredericksburg thang.
And for the WGAL peeps.. when we go to see my mom in craphole township, we always watch WGAL!