Monday, September 15, 2008

Catching Up

Yet again, I'm titling a week-late blog post, "Catching Up."  I'm so tired of being so tired all the time!!  I can't wait until ONE DAY when I have a "normal" life again and I'm not exhausted and loopy and unmotivated all the time!

Sigh.  Thanks for listening.

Now, ancient convention pictures, so we can move on and see super cute baby pics from this most recent weekend...

Let's start with the highlights of Thursday night:

Summer08 260 

I finally found a gift shop.  But I did not buy this hat.

Summer08 234 

I did see lots of creative hats, though!

Summer08 237 

I get the elephant.  But not the frog.

Summer08 247 

There were even hard hats. (and hard looks, too, apparently)

Summer08 252 


Summer08 258 

I had several more Sarah Palin hair sightings...

Summer08 257 

All sorts of variations.  I'll spare you all of the pictures (there were many)

Summer08 235 

I'd say she was definitely the star of the convention!

Summer08 276 

Truth be told - I was much more interested in this man.


He and Chuckie T were just one skybox away... chatting it up....

Summer08 277 

And eating pizza.... my friends, I'm going to let you in on a little secret... we in the media are just like you.


We eat pizza.

Summer08 287 

And watch football.

Yup.  The guys in the skybox were much more fixated on watching the Redskins than they were...

Summer08 292

watching Mr. Red State, John McCain.

It was powerful stuff watching him give that speech, I must say.

Summer08 305 

At the end, the McCains and the Palins took the stage and the crowd went WILD.

Summer08 310 

Then it was time for the infamous balloon drop!!

Summer08 321 

I have never seen so many balloons in my life.

Note to my family and friends: I have a birthday coming up, you know.

And it's kind of a big deal.  A last hurrah, if you will.

I think it's the perfect occasion for a balloon drop!!


Summer08 288 

So, after hours of sitting around watching politicans and football players... it was showtime!

Summer08 322 

Live shot city!

Summer08 320 

Live interview with Senator Brownback from Kansas. 

Summer08 325 

And that was pretty much a wrap.

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