Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soldier Boy

ChrisArmyGrad 013

Okay, so maybe my little brother Chris wasn't exactly "my first love" - that would be a little freaky, eh?

But I'm with the Shirelles:

"Wherever you go My heart will follow
... Take my love with you
To any port or foreign shore
Darling you must feel for sure
I'll be true to you"

ChrisArmyGrad 061 My family ventured to Columbus, GA last week for Chris's boot camp graduation at Fort Benning.

Doesn't he look amazing?

Look at those other cats he's between... looking all slack and slouchy and their clothes are all bunched up.

Not my little bro.  He's so got it together.

ChrisArmyGrad 018

When they first ran out, I couldn't find him - they do a great job of making everyone look exactly the same!

Chris found me in the crowd though, and smiled and stuck out his toungue.

I teared up and mouthed the words, "I love you."

I even surprised myself at how PROUD I was in that moment.

ChrisArmyGrad 032

My dad did the honors in the "Turning Blue" ceremony.

I know this was super special for him because he was a soldier and a Vietnam Vet.

I was slightly concerned about him wearing the hat with all of the Vietnam bling but it didn't end up being that bad.... I saw some other people there decked out in Army garb, too.

 ChrisArmyGrad 049

It was SO GREAT to see him.

I hope the sister sandwich felt as good to Chris as it did to us.

Note: Tracy is sporting my shirt.  Boo on Granny for saying it looked better on her!

ChrisArmyGrad 087

We all went out to lunch at Chili's.

LOVE Chili's.

Makes me want to sing, "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back..."


Chris had a beer.

Don't tell my mom.



And a steak.  A far cry from an MRE he had to scarf down in 7 minutes.

He earned every bite!


Chillin' in the hotel room...

My mutha and my sista...


I seriously want to be more like Dave.

He's so laid back and finds a way to make every day a vacation.

I admire that, really, I do.IMG_1596 

Graduation day!

Tracy and I posed with the tank striker.

And with the soldier holding his gun weapon.


The show the Demo Squad put on was cooler than anything I've ever seen - even at Universal Studios!



They were playing "Bad to the Bone" on a loudspeaker --

It was HOT!


The secret weapon of the United States Army -

The warrior!


Presenting the colors...

I was feeling SO patriotic watching this!!

I have a whole new appreciation for our men and women in uniform.


Look how tall he stands now!

Chris, Dave, Mom & Granny


Nancy, Chris & Dad


Your favorite (humble) blogger and G.I. Little Brother.


One funny thing to end on.  Chris's squad lined back up after family time and this one guy lost his name tag somewhere.

The Drill Sergeant got in his face and asked him where it was (they velcro on and off) and the guy felt for it... "uh... I don't know."

I felt for him. Scary!  I'm so incredibly proud of Chris for all that he has already accomplished - and I know the best is still yet to come!  Go Army!


cindy floyd said...

The pics are great! All the children favor their Mother!

Susan DeShazo said...

girl.. you must have been seriously wellin'

cindy floyd said...

Those are some hot girls with the tank {I mean striker}