Saturday, August 16, 2008

Creative Accounting

Calculator I remember a few very specific times growing up when my mom had the calculator, piles of bills and money on the kitchen table.  My mom can work a calculator faster than it's even designed to calculate.  Seriously.  The sound of her fingers whacking the calculator keys mirrored the sound of a horse galloping toward a Kentucky Derby finish!

I like to think I can type fast enough now to compete with her calculating skills, but probably not.

When money would get tight, my mom would say. "I'm doing some creative accounting."  We knew to stay away.  Creative accounting was never a good thing.  I never worried about it then, because even though my mom was always saying we didn't have any money, that everything would be okay.  Somehow, it always was.  I used to think she was bluffing.

Fast forward 20 years.  Swimming in a sea of envelopes - mortgage, rent, car, insurance, utilities, unexpected things like replacing SUV tires... I get it.

July 2008 is going down as my most expensive month, ever.  Now, until October, it looks like I'll be doing some "creative accounting."

I hate that I have a new understanding of that term.  But I'm thankful it's an option. 

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