Sunday, August 3, 2008

25 Things About Me

I'm back from another trip including planes, trains and automobiles.  And I'm too exhausted to walk to the kitchen(that's right!  I can no longer roll out of the bed and be in the kitchen - gotta love having a ONE BEDROOM apartment - wahoo!!) to get my pictures so I can update the blog... so I'm stalling. 

I have been wanting to do this because several of my blogging friends have listed things about themselves, and I've enjoyed reading them/learning more about my friends.  So, here goes:

1.  I'm skipping church today.  Guess I just feel like I should come clean about that.  I did watch Thomas Road on TV - I still stop for anything "Liberty" or TRBC when I'm flipping channels.  I still kind of have a crush on Charles Billingsley, is that okay?
2.  I'm short and overweight.  I blame the second on the first.  However, I have mastered the art of looking fabulous in pictures.  I often think I look better in photographs than I do in person.
3.  I say "y'all" and "use to could."  Don't hate.  I realized when I lived in Pittsburgh that I am a little bit "southern."  I realized when I went to college that "use to could" was not a phrase that everyone a) said or b) understood.
4.  I don't like to be hot inside or cold outside.  I like summer, I don't like winter.  I always use A/C but almost never use heat.  I drive with the air conditioning on and the sunroof open!
5.  No matter how poor I am at any given moment, there are two things I never buy on the cheap:  Toilet paper and Paper Towels... I have to have Cottonelle and Viva!
6.  The reason I have to have super soft paper towels is because I use them to blow my nose.  I inherited a nose that blows incredibly hard.  It sounds like a tuba and has force like a hurricane wind tunnel.  Tissues just don't cut it.
7.  If I blow my nose in front of you, consider yourself among the elite circle of my friends (or family) ... not everyone gets in that far! :)
8.  I almost never watch television.  I watch movies even less frequently.  This is mostly because if I sit anywhere watching one thing for more than 20 minutes, I'll be asleep!
9.  I'm impossible to watch the news with.  I'm constantly commenting and critiquing and I think I know it all.  It's annoying - I can even tell myself.
10.  I love to read and at any given time, I'm usually in the middle of three books.... usually a combination of something about God, something about News and something written by Nicholas Sparks.
11.  I could never live in a place where Target is more than 15 minutes away.
12.  I never get sick of Chick-Fil-A.  Ever.
13.  I'm addicted to Facebook.
14.  When I was a kid, I was a major liar.  Not to get myself out of trouble... like normal kids.  I would come up with elaborate fantasies and tell people they were true.  My brother did this, too. I have no idea why... but now it's hilarious, looking back.
15.  I was head captain of the cheerleaders at Indian River High School in Chesapeake, VA.  This is one of those things that was a huge deal at the time, but it makes me laugh when I think back on it.  I took it so seriously!  Now, when I go to football games, I realize people are watching the FOOTBALL players, not the cheerleaders, hahahahaha!  
16.  In fairness, though, I can step back and see that I learned some major life lessons from my experience in cheerleading.  Seriously.  I'm not mocking here.  I learned a lot about motivating people, getting people to work as a team, executing a vision, how to lead, how to pick battles, and how to play the political games that we all do in life.
17.  I think I will always look up to my sister, Tracy.  In so many ways, I still hope I can be "as cool as she is."  When I was little, and she was out with her friends, I used to go sit on her bed and look at the stuff in her room, thinking "when I'm a teenager, I'm going to have exactly all of this stuff."
18.  I miss being involved in Youth Ministry.  I know I will be again one day, when my schedule changes and allows me to.  It's close to my heart because I became a Christian when I was 16.  What a turning point in my life!  That was 12 years ago this summer - and I think about it every July 21st.
19.  The last thing I think of before I fall asleep is my boyfriend.  Usually it's something about how I miss him, or dreaming of the next time I will see him.  But sometimes I get really sappy and thankful for how we came together.  I'm humbled and honored.
20.  The first thing I do when I get up is get the coffee maker going.  I usually drink about 3 cups of coffee. (which is really more like 5 cups, probably)
21.  I can't work out without my ipod.  No exceptions.  
22.  I organize for fun.  Seriously.  I love it.  It's a hobby.  My closet is color-coded and I hang pictures in closets.  
23.  The most I've ever paid to get into an event is $200.  It was a Virginia Tech football game, against Miami.  They lost and I froze.  I'd like to say I wouldn't do it again, but I probably would.  I tend to get very caught up in the moment!
24.  My favorite color is currently Green.  But in the past, I have also loved Pink, Blue, Teal and Red.  This is always changing.
25.  So is my favorite food.  But I won't ever turn down steak, blackened tuna, pot roast, or my Aunt Clara's blueberry yum-yum.


Susan DeShazo said...

What a fun read!
You were on the road a lot, weren't you?
Glad we got a chance to chat for a bit, even though I had to pause here and there.
Miss you!

Courtney Pickford said...

Wow, what a fun read to catch up on! (I've missed your last few blogs - sorry!!) You made me laugh, smile and just enjoy you. :) Thanks for being an awesome lady. I'll never forget how you made me feel welcomed and were a friend to me when we first met. You've got a quality and a heart that shine through in everything you do, girl!

d. booth :) said...

So cute, Brownie.... You are probably one of the most photogenic people I've known. All of your profile pics are great!... I'm glad you shared, and I'm glad I read this. :)

cindy floyd said...

Lord Child,
I an exhausted just reading. Welcome back!!

Courtney said...

I enjoyed reading your description of the sound you make when blowing your nose..I think it's right on the money! hahaha :)