Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Sad Goodbye

TonySnowLastDay I was at the softball field Saturday when I heard that Tony Snow died.  A slience fell on the ball park.  It was the Media League championships, after all.  And Tony was part of the media before he became the darling media star that he was.

And, he was.

I did not know Tony Snow personally,  I only talked to him a couple of times.  I interviewed him at the White House last summer when I first came to Washington and I was NERVOUS.  Didn't have a bead of saliva in my mouth.  This guy was the master, you know?  I just remember asking him questions about Iraq and wondering, how does he remember all of this stuff and spout off facts and spin like it's nothing?  With a smile on his face, at that?  He was very tall.  Warm.  Funny. Smart!  He changed the role of White House Press Secretary forever.  He made the daily briefings a BLAST to watch!

He's missed, already.  I have read that Tony was a believer, so it's comforting to know that he's with the Lord now.  But still, it's not fair.  I hate cancer!

My friends Becky and Julie who cover the White House, both have moving memories of Tony.  Check 'em out.

So sad to lose another Washington power player - in his prime.


Brent said...

Tony Snow was, in fact, a strong Christian. He was the commencment speaker when Kim graduated with her Master's from ODU last December. Normally I am not a big fan of graduations, but when I heard he would be speaking, I was actually excited about the event. His charge to the graduates was outstanding. He definetly threw down a strong Christian message. I honestly thought I was at an LU convo. What a great testimony! He will be missed.

Chris Vaughn said...

Very well said, Downtown Dana Brown.