Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still alive

No one checked on me, hey!

I am still here, although I have decided NEVER to go back to that grocery store because I think the milk I bought was stanky, too!

I have just three thoughts this morning..

1.  Please pray for Tricia & Nate today.

2.  You need to read Becky's version of the rafting trip, it is highly entertaining!

and 3.  Sometimes when I'm scrolling too quickly through my BlackBerry and I see "Cheney" I think it says "Chesney" and I get excited - then realize there's an S missing and it's SO not the same!  **Note: Kenny will be Live on the Today Show on Friday, mark your calendars!


christin said...

I'm sorry!!! I did check in on you yesterday but forgot to leave a comment. now that i do Google Reader for most things I am not as good at commenting - because it requires, you know - effort. :)
anyway congrats on a NEW apt. that isn't a cracker jack box!!! AWESOME!!
and also, stop it with that grocery store!! That's awful! what is it, Aldi??? I mean that's terrible, you have to get FRESH dairy products!!!!!

Chris Vaughn said...

I'm sorry I didn't check up on you also. I read your blog and then didn't follow through. I stink!
Congrats on your move, Downtown Dana Brown. I like reading your posts. I'm eventually going to come to D.C. one day and make you take me sight-seeing so I don't get lost. (evil laugh)

milepost13 said...

Thanks, Dana!