Monday, June 9, 2008

I am so Outdoorsy.

Update - pictures:IMG_1167


If you care about me, you should e-mail me and make sure I'm okay. Don't call. I'm not so good at returning phone calls. Right now I'm eating a sandwich with ham that expired 5 days ago and it makes me really nervous, but my hunger prevailed. And I'm even one of those people who are funny about food dates. Always have been. Can't believe I just ate that sandwich!

I wrote a whole blog earlier then when I went to spell check it, it disappeared.  So, I'm not doing that again.  If there are spelling errors, sorry.

It's hot, eh?  I was having a good hair day when I left for work.  It lasted all the way to my elevator.  Which I'm pretty sure could double as an easy bake oven right now.  Seriously, I dare someone to put some cookie dough in my elevator and give it a while.  Eeeewww.  The parking garages are nasty hot, too.

I listened to Alanis Morissette on my way to work - maybe that's why I'm coming off so angry.  I saw a profile on her on CBS News Sunday Morning and it made me remember being 15 and listening to Alanis, cleaning my room, and when I was learning to drive a car.  You Outta Know!!!! (Listening to it now, I wonder what business I had listening to that when I was 15!)

Anyway... oh, yes, I learned something new about myself this weekend.  I, my friends, am outdoorsy.  At least I was for a day.  Saturday, Becky and I rode the short bus with the National Press Club to Harper's Ferry, WV and we went White Water Rafting!!

I'm pretty sure after rafting 7 miles through three states, in three classes of white water rapids, I'm a pro.  Sorry, I don't have any pictures.  If we would have waited around for the disposable girl scout troop leader waterproof camera, we may have missed the raft.  We took pictures in our head.  We didn't even bother to go into the little store after our trip to look at the pics we could have paid for - I'm thinking because by that time, our outdoorsiness had worn off.

We rode on rapids with hard core names like "Bull Falls" and "White Horse" I think there was also one with the word "Spike" in it.  Very hard core, people.  Our guide, Tonya, was rock solid.  She plucked me and Becky out of the water with one hand.  Like you see moms pick up toddlers wearing swimmies.  One handed people, by the backs of our life vests.  Remind me to never mess with a rafting chick!

Okay, I finished my sandwich.  I hope this works out okay.  I have to stop going to the ghetto grocery store, this is unfortunately not the first time I have bought something that was expired.  5 days! And I just bought it yesterday.

Side note:  I'm so glad Hillary is out.  I'm also glad that I was on a raft in the middle of a river, no where near work when she dropped out.  Now we (the media) can all start speculating with our red and blue markers and our maps of the continental United States, yay!

(*I'm sorry I lost that first attempt at this blog - I think it was much better.)

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