Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brokaw Needs to Get a Job

It has officially been 2 years since I got Brokaw.  Yesterday, I took him to the Veterinarian for a check-up, his yearly shots, and to have a little eye gook suspected infection type thingy looked at.

YEAH.... $357 dollars later - I left with a tired puggle, heartworm and flea meds (he's never even had fleas!) an antibiotic and a hole in my bank account.

I have no idea how I'm going to make up for this (I was not expecting it to cost THAT much!) but I know one thing... when I woke up last night and turned on the light and those little puggle eyes squinted up at me like "hey - I was sleeping!" I hugged him tight and thought, he is somehow... worth every penny.  Now, he needs to get a J-O-B!

BrokawVetVisit 003

He loves to ride in the car... little did he know where we were going...


BrokawVetVisit 006

Oh, man!

Brokaw, I didn't like it either.


Rebecca Atcherson said...

Oh my!! Poor Brokaw!!!! They ARE worth every penny but yes it does hurt the bank account sometimes!!!! I had no idea a little doggie could have such a big tongue! That last pic says mommy please take me home! Good luck finding a job Brokaw-let me know how that goes!

cindy floyd said...

Perhaps you could get him in the movies!