Monday, May 19, 2008

Please pray for my friends David & Christin today.  David starts chemo, again.  Your prayers are much appreciated - thanks!

I am super sleepy today which I hope pays off since I am going to try to sleep at a different time, so that I can go hear Kimberly Dozier at the Press Club tonight.  We'll see.

I miss Joe - terribly.  Please come back, soon.  Sincerely, your DC fan club president.

I'm happy for Kenny Chesney - 4 in a row! CAN'T WAIT to see him this summer!!

I can't stop watching the video of New Kids on the Block from the Today Show Friday.  Oh my goodness - does it take me back!  I think Joey Mac's "Please Don't Go Girl" will always make me melt.  Even when I'm 80.

This weekend I had a blast with my one and only cousin, Natalie.  I don't think I could handle anoth-ra cousrin, shoot.  I came away from this weekend exhausted (I am clearly far from 22 years old) and seriously wanting her camera.  I enjoyed the many laughs.  We can be quite ridiculous togeth-ra. "Haaii."

Too bad I have to use my economic stimulus check to pay my stupid car tax.  Such a crime.


Me and Cousin Natalie.


Cousin and Jessi.



T-Rex arms.

That had to be frustrating.


T-Rex feet.


There were WAY too many people in the Museum of Natural History.

I think this elephant was even a bit overwhelmed.


Now, that's just not nice.

I think the T-Rex wanted to break it up... but unfortunately, he had T-Rex arms.


This security guard is not even posing!

I promise.

He was just resting in this spot... and I waited in line to take this picture! HA!


I never realized how cool the Sculpture Garden is.

Very neat.


You know I have to be the ridiculous person who tramples the grass to get a picture.

That's not even funny.

But it felt funny at the time - isn't that the worst?


This is the new Newseum.

I'm super excited to check this out - but I'm saving it.


Capitol Dome beauty shot.

I am hoping there are some votes going on in there that say it's illegal for the State of Virginia to charge such astronomical car tax rates and that it's hindering our economy from being stimulated, therefore striking down VA's car tax.

I'm hoping.


Finally.. this is an example of one of those things you walk by, notice, and think "What in the world, Jesus?"

Then you turn around and take a picture.

It's okay Jessi - it's not Fat Pine, I don't think...

That's all for now. I wish you all a bearable Monday.

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christin said...

first off, thank you for the shout out, and the prayers - it's so weird to see my name on other people's blog posts - but it means the world to me!! You are a faithful prayer warrior and friend!!!! thank you for remembering.
second, I'm so gonna start doing your "hand on hip" trick in pictures. what a great idea, loved your Barbara Bush post, though hers was a little "different" lets many "quotes" have I used in this here comment, huh? "too many."