Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have no pictures for you this morning, sorry.  I have gotten so used to blogging with pictures I feel kind of guilty.  Oh well.

Today, I just give you the random musings from inside my head.  Oh boy!

I have one of those painful invisible zits on my chin. Why me? Ouch.

Willie Geist needs to come back to Morning Joe ASAP.  I miss him.  It's not the same without him, I need my news I can't use and Tiki Barber has a great smile and seems like a nice guy and all but he lacks credentials in the political analysis department. (Sorry Courtney)

In about an hour, former presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich will be here.  RANDOM!  We're putting him up live for our station in New Orleans.  I don't know if I have my camera - if I do, I'll snap a pic for you.  I hope his wife comes, ha!

HillaryandbabySpeaking of presidential candidates, did anyone else notice Hillary and the random baby at last night's DC fundraiser?  What is she like in the Babysitters Club now? 

(Photo credit: AP)

Fundraising... and babysitting at the same time?

I hope that kid got to bed on time.


Nik said...

Ha ha... That was her niece, Fiona. Oh, I also forgot to tell you they played "We Are Family" last night... though not when she picked up the little one.

Courtney said...

You know my love for Tiki but yes I agree...No politics for him :)