Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What I learned at work today:  I am not a graphic artist.  In fact, I am very far from it.  Oh, the drama.  I don't know who I was trying to fool - since graphics have clearly not been my thing, oh, I don't know... ever.  I remember back in the days at LU... packing my skirt for my nights in the computer lab trying to make the most of a graphic design project.

Today, my true colors showed.  Thankfully my co-workers still love me for the wonderful things I bring to the table like my excellent news judgment and quick decision making and my ability to put complex stories into simple terms.  All while brewing coffee and running around the newsroom without shoes.  Oh, and I can make people laugh.  Geez... I sound like I'm selling myself.  Better not do that.

I'm really wishing I was one of those girls who traveled uber-prepared.  You know those girls, the ones with the breath strips and safety pins and little portable eyelash curlers.  I need a lint roller.  If I was that girl, I'd probably have a mini-lint roller in my purse.  I so do not.  And it looks like my pants are turning into my sweater.  Oh well.  So ready for spring. Spring clothes don't do things like this.  They obey.

In about an hour, we're going to a John McCain campaign event in Alexandria, yay!  I hope there aren't any graphic requests there.  Please.  I'll even put on my shoes.

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