Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures

As promised, pictures from my first trip to Arkansas.  I learned it's called the "Natural State," and from what I've seen, it's beautiful!  Mountains of green that go on and on forever.  An awesome thunderstorm that lit up the sky like a slow motion strobe light, clearing for the moon to backlight the clouds over the lake.  The whole thing was just breathtaking.  I am blessed.  So blessed.  Full disclosure: I'm falling more in love, and it's amazing. I have to just throw that out there... because I think it's pretty obvious in the pictures anyway!  (and please don't mind the same captions I used on Facebook, I only have so much creative juice, people, these multiple online platforms are stretching that a little thin!) Img_0824

I love that my man is the guy who remembers to pack candles!


Coffee, check.

Candles, check.

Smiles, you bet!Img_0833

Breakfast time right outside our window.Img_0847

We can't help ourselves.


We took a little stroll ...

it was a beautiful morning!


Postcard perfect.


We took it all in.

It's so easy to slow down and just breathe out here!Img_0855

This is the lodge where we stayed at Lake DeGray.

It was just right.  Everything.


It's a LONG way outside the Beltway!

I felt kind of "city mouse," but I liked it!


Party time!  It was Michael's Papa's 80th birthday.

Look at that baby picture!  It's a boy! :)


Harry's fans made these posters.

Adorable? Check.

Img_0863 So, Michael is clearly my counterpart in his family.

The video maker.

And it was quite a hit.  I enjoyed sitting back watching his family watch the video, laughing, pointing, remembering things and sharing stories.


Best seat in the house.  Hands down.

Don't be jeal.

Img_0880 Papa cleaned up in the gift department...


Lots of great stuff!Img_0887

... a matchbox car that sent an 80 year old man to his knees to play...

It got me to thinking... I don't think these Ritter boys ever really fully grow up!


Further confirmation of the above statement...

This is Michael's dad, Buddy, joyfully planting one on Michael's mom, LaDonna.


How great is that? Seriously.

Love it.

Img_0886This is Papa's girlfriend, Miss Jean.  Yes, I said girlfriend.  I told you, they don't grow up!

Isn't that precious!?

He told me he has been fortunate to have loved twice, he has a great family and he's had at least a dozen birthday parties.

He told me he's a very blessed man.

I don't doubt that one ounce.


Strong genes.. in so many ways.


I felt right at home.  They all welcomed me like I was family.

It was an honor to be a part of the special day.


LOL.  This was a note from Miss Jean's grandson.

Punk is a term of endearment.



Next up... The Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I was soooooo geeked out.

I'd never been to a Presidential Library before!Img_0894

I couldn't have asked for better company.

I have met my match.  I don't know anyone else on earth who could have stomached my Presidential geeked-outness.

(well, maybe Gretchen)

Check it out - a mini White House!

I want my kid to have this for a doll house some day, ha!


It has a mini Oval Office!


And even a mini Press Briefing Room!

I wanted to shrink down and hang out in there!

I could ask mini questions and everything!

Img_0892_3Okay, we're back in real-life size mode again...

This was President Clinton's limo from his motorcade!


What a metaphor!


Boy George!


This was a few Miller Lite's ago...

Man, she can throw 'em back, eh?


This lady didn't do such a good job of ducking the sniper fire in Bosnia.


I know, that's so wrong.. but it's still funny.

Shoot me.  Wait.  No, don't.  Please.


LaDonna making a very important decision in the Cabinet Room.

Did you know the President's chair (left side of the pic) is two inches taller than everyone else's?

Me either.  I thought that was cool.

Img_0907This is a copy of a State of the Union Address. 

Not just a copy, but President Clinton's copy, complete with his personal notes!


Geeked out.  We spent so much time taking all of this stuff in that we never even made it to the 3rd floor.

We closed down the Presidential Library!

Top that.Img_0836

I saved the best for last, you see.


"You’re the only one that knows me,
Love it when you hold me,
Never find a love like this."


Rebecca A. said...

seriously next time you are in LR!!! I better get a phone call! I am mad at that ritter boy! you were in my town and everything! i am seriously sad. you were in my college town too! i spent many afternoons at that lake. glad it wasn't too bad b/c it was closed down b/c of flooding a while back. tell mike we are in a fight. ;-)
now that i am done venting...i am glad you had a fabulous weekend in the natural state. it really is pretty and there is lots of nature to be seen.

christin said...

you guys are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen said...

Oh we are so going to make the life mission of creating that mini White House! My Nana is in this club called inchkins.....ahahaha...they make everything on 1 in scale. Insane! We will have the inside tips on that.