Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I just love waking up, drinking coffee, reading newspapers and watching morning news on television IN THE MORNING. It's just so, ahhh.... natural. The way God meant for it to be. Pure bliss. I am soaking it up this week, don't even let me complain about anything - this is the life!

I hope to post Pope pics when I get to work... it's just to much of a pain on this computer, sorry, Steve Jobs, it just is.

TRICIA is leaving the hospital today! Please pray for her and Nathan and baby Gwyneth... their journey is far from over, but it is an exciting new chapter.

HAPPY PENNSYLVANIA PRIMARY! Boo on Barack Obama for ditching PA for Indiana tonight, I really wanted to go to my old state for the Primary and BO ruined my plans :( Whatever. I'm traveling in a few days to see a man I'd much rather see anyway.... he's way cuter.

A couple of thoughts on Good Morning America... GO Robin! Shout out to her for going without the wig. Robin's battle with cancer has been courageous and no doubt an inspiration to people everywhere, and I think she's just AWESOME in general and she looks great. And what in the world with Chris Cuomo (whom I also have come to really love) interviewing Hillary Clinton with his shirt all unbuttoned. Poll: Was Chris Cuomo trying to get fresh with Hillary?

Happy Earth Day, too. Maybe I'll throw something in a recycling bin.

Someone please set up a blog for my mother so she'll leave me alone. Any takers?

I'm pretty sure it was exactly one year ago today that my life changed. I said at the time my life would be split in two... BEFORE I met Harry Connick Jr., and AFTER. Well, one year post meeting, I think it definitely was a turning point for me. Too bad I wasn't able to follow Pope Benedict XVI to New York, where Harry Connick Jr. performed two original compositions for him. One day, I'll hear the composition I'm sure he has written for me, one day... :)



♫ FanSpace Heather ♫ said...

NIIIIIICE picture!! Here's to hoping someone has puts up the original composition performance recorded and puts it up on YouTube. "How Great Thou Art" from that day is on there already, so here's to hoping!

Rebecca A. said...

love it! you are too cute!

Gretchen said...

Remember when I called you 2 dorks for crying? or when I said "OH NO I didn't get his signature or my pic with him!" but I was soothed with a Smoothie King Smoothie like a child with candy..HAHAHHAH..... also shout out to Tracy @ GMA who I can't believe we have not seen again for over 1 yr. We soon need a trip bad! I realized my potential on that trip, but I am losing sight my friend.