Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh, Saturday!

CherryblossomOh, the peace that is Saturday morning, I am in love.

After a hectic week at work and what turned out to be quite a stressful curtain escapade yesterday, I am ready for my Saturday.

I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee.  The bills are paid, the window is open, the Washington Post is read and a long, hot, shower has been taken.  Aaaahhh.

I packed my backpack (and Brokaw's) and we're going to walk down to the Tidal Basin to take in the Cherry Blossoms.  I'm taking my camera - I hope it doesn't die on me - it hasn't been charged in a while.  I'm taking my laptop, too.  Hope to have a second to breathe in and out.  Hopefully the walk doesn't kill me... and I hope I don't look like a special needs Biggest Loser contestant with my backpack, walking a dog who is also wearing a backpack (I'm making him carry our water and lunch).

Then... this evening - I'm catching up with the infamous Baum-diggitys in Baltimore.  Man, I can't wait until Gretchen & Jason are here permanently.

HI MOM!! I love that my mom reads my blog.  No offense, but when I get a comment from her, it makes my day unlike any other comments.  I guess a small part of me is still the kid putting together the talent show in the living room -"Moooommmmmm -- look! Are you watching?"

It's Saturday.  Cheers!

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christin said...

"Mom look are you watching??" TOTALLY. Oh my gosh. I feel the same way when my mom comments. that is hysterical. plus I totally did that as a wee child. i think you and I would've put on plays together.