Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good morning!  Man, am I strugglin' ta-day!  I think I've fallen asleep about 6 times so far this morning, each time for under 5 minutes, each time, waking up startled and terrified.  Oh, I just LOVE adjusting back to overnights! :)


I'm challenging myself to see how fast I can bust out of work, drive home, let the dog out, wash my face, brush my teeth and be under the covers.  I'm aiming for 30 minutes - watch me!

Thoughts so far today:

I want this guy's job.

And I want more than anything to listen to this new public radio show - but I keep forgetting. I loved John Hockenberry back in his Dateline days when I was in high school!

We're not in a recession, woo hoo. 0.6 percent? Seriously, I'm glad my growth isn't measured that closely.  Gosh.

30 minutes, hear me?  30 minutes from the time I leave this building, I will be under the covers.  Mark my word.


Gretchen said...

Nice new look to your bloggage. Erin Blogavitch. Don Juan De Blarko. President Abe Lincoln lived in a blog cabin. I need to take the blog for a walk before he leaves a blog on my carpet. Ok...that is all for now.

cindy floyd said...

What great pics. Also, don't your uncle clifton know you were in razorback country. I had no idea it was so beautiful there. It looks like you and michael had a great time. Does he know you're afraid of matches? Beautiful candles. The birthday party looked like great fun. He is so cute.