Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am so counting down to this weekend... this day is just DRAGGING by.  Ugh!

I can tell tourist season is heating up in DC.  The metro was filled with people with fanny packs and camera cases and confused looks on faces.  I always feel super cool and urban when I can help a family get on the right train.

I just watched President Bush try to honk this horn to start a ride at the White House for some Wounded Warriors and the horn didn't work... then Bush just kind of looked at it like, "What's wrong with you?" Haha

Andrea Mitchell was on Nightly last night and she was back on Morning Joe this morning, I'm telling you - she's freaking amazing.  I must have lunch with her before I die.  That's definitely going on my list.

Today I wore a dress for the first time of the season.  I hope I don't get a ticket for having pasty white legs.  I am really wishing now that I had been tanning for the past few days... oh well, too late now.

I cannot wait to see this boy:6a00d8341cae6553ef00e54f3229e988348

There are approximately...

2 hours until I get off of work.

16 hours until I get on a plane.

21 hours until I see him!!

tick tock...

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Gretchen said...

AHAHAHA....have fun! This time of year seems to hold so much for all of us.
Don't for get to mention my afternoon e-mail entertainment.