Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andrea Mitchell is like a stealth fighter jet.  She just keeps going... and going... undetected.  She anchored Morning Joe this morning and she's STILL on the air... it's after 1:30pm.  AND I'm sure she was up super late last night watching PA primary results come in... yet her make-up still looks flawless.  Get me some of that!

If CNN says "Issue #1" again, I'm going to scratch my eyes out!  Please, make it stop!

Sorry.. all I'm waxing about is TV news coverage... just being myself :)

This morning at work I heard the White House was trying to track me down... they had apparently contacted our corporate office in New York... I was way nervous, why was Laura Bush's office trying to find little ol' me?  It turns out, they want to send me a thank-you note.

How cool!  So, I am anxiously awaiting the mail at work - for that, and for my Morning Joe mug! 

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kelly said...

a note from laura bush! very cool. i laughed at your bathroom experience... strange things happen in public bathrooms. who knew?!