Monday, March 17, 2008

ShamrockTop of the Mornin' to ya!

Well... I reached my goal.  I finished the Shamrock 8K without needing medical attention.  Well, I do have a blister in between my toes which is kind of weird, but I think I can handle it on my own.

Here are some fun facts about my race experience:

1.  I did not finish first.

2.  I did not finish last.  :)

3.  I was awarded a medal.

4.  So was everyone else... Everyone's a winner!

5. That's the first running award I've ever received.

6.  The last participation award I received was for Field Day, 5th grade, I'm pretty sure.

7.  When I wasn't looking, someone strapped ankle weights to me when I was running.

8.  I crossed to "Gettin Jiggy With It."  **Thanks again for all of you who helped me build my playlist!

I'll have to post pictures later because I didn't bring my USB cord to work... check back later today.  The race was actually a lot of fun!  It was nice and flat and the wind was blowing and it was great to be at the beach.  It was even better to see awesome friends!!  I am exhausted though and I wish more than anything I could just go straight home and crash... but I signed up to volunteer at this camp this week, so I'll do that THEN go straight to bed!

I'm the loser who didn't even realize March Madness was going on.  I haven't seen any brackets floating around the office... that's weird, huh?  Perhaps my co-workers are all under the same rock.  If it doesn't have to do with the Presidential race, the Pope or the economy, it might as well not be happening.

Now, some news notes for you (clearly my brain is only functioning in list mode this morning!):

*David Gregory's new show starts tonight.  I want to check it out, but my DVR is busy at that time.  I will have to find clips online.  Side note: He's a giant!

*Tucker's show was canceled... but on the upside, he's now my friend on Facebook.

*Dana Perino is everywhere!  Last week she was on the Daily Show.  I wrote her and told her she was fabulous and funny and she wrote me back, 'cuz we're cool like that!

Remember - Dana P. loves the Daily Show.

Sunday, she was on Fox News Sunday, I want to put that clip up here too... because we're both named Dana and because my hair wants to be her hair when it grows up... but whoever posts the clips from FNS on the website must be slacking, because I can't find it.

*KatiemccainAm I the only one who thinks this picture of Katie is very Cindy McCain?

BraydentoothAnd finally..... my contribution to the "My nephew is SOOOOO cute" file.  My baby nephew, Brayden, lost one of his two front top teeth.  This is monumental.  Life changing when you're in Kindergarten and I hate that this is exactly the kind of stuff I'm missing not living in my hometown.  Brayden, I hope the Tooth Fairy hooked you up, buddy!

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