Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Personal Field Trip

Forgive me for leaving out one of the best parts of the Portrait Gallery!:(scroll to the bottom)

It's another breezy, beautiful day! Yay. I'm going to make this kind of quick so I can go to sleep and wake up to watch the returns tonight.

Scratch that. Brokaw just ate my sandwich! Argh! So I just had to detour in my kitchen and start all over again. I made some serious tuna salad, though, I put Old Bay in it, mmmmmm.

Where was I? Who knows. The construction has re-started on my apartment building so it kind of sounds like I'm inside someone's mouth who has a cavity and is at the dentist. Ick. What a horrible metaphor. Sorry about that.

This morning, The Tom Brokaw was on Morning Joe! I was beside myself. I love listening to TB adlib about elections and campaign stuff - he is hard to top! We had our political analyst in today, doing live shots and he shared a great story about the great Tom Brokaw. He ran into him after some late night live shots over by the Capitol, and they walked outside together. Marc (that's my political analyst friend) was hailing a cab. Tom was getting into his limo. Tom Brokaw asked where Marc was going and let him ride in his limo. Totally hooked him up. That Brokaw is a classy guy!

I should name my doggie after him... wait! Too bad the puggle just doesn't measure up to the person. Brokaw is cute but if he had real class, he would have left my Pastrami & Cheese alone. Boo.

Now... pictures from my personal field trip to the National Portrait Gallery... as promised:

Img_0339 I have arrived! It's pretty sweet how the Metro pretty much takes you right to the front door.

Img_0379_2Img_0340 I don't remember who this guy is, but I thought he looked a lot like Tim Russert. Your thoughts?Russert
Img_0342_2 This is Andrew Jackson. He has awesome hair, it's wild... kind of like the ideas he had during his time.


I think JFK's portrait was my favorite.  It's a mess, right?  Well, it was painted in 1963 - just weeks after he was killed.

I think the frantic strokes are quite representative of the chaos that our country was feeling emotionally at the end of '63.


Check those microphones.



Classic. HAHA.


Guess which President's portrait includes this folded up New York Times?

Go ahead. Guess. Leave a comment.  If I get guesses, I'll post the whole portrait so you can see who was rocking the NYT.


After the NPG field trip, I strolled around Chinatown.

It was a busy Friday afternoon - everyone who lives a normal life was getting off of work.


Check out the Chinatown ATL!


Too bad they were having double style cards... it's like the "ruin your lent commitment" gnomes are conspiring against me.

But I was strong! Take that anti-lent gnomes!

Img_0394 An end of the field trip skinny caramel latte and I called it a day.

What a fun Leap day!


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christin said...

so cute, such a fun adventure. i wanna do that! Good times, love the Ann Taylor shot and of course, the STBX drinking. :)