Monday, March 10, 2008

Loving the smallness

I am small, in the scheme of things. We are small. It's a small world. Isn't it grand, though?

Since Nate linked to my last post, I have had some 5,000 visitors to my blog! I usually average about 30 a day. That is a lot of people. It's humbling. I love that that many people are following Nate and Tricia and Gwyneth's story and are praying for them.

I told Barbara that and she told me about how many e-mails she received - the story even made it's way back to her hometown and her mother! And she found out someone in her Sunday School class had even been following the story all along!

And I got an e-mail from an old pal who I was in Driver's Ed with like a million years ago, who put two and two together, shout out Janice!

I am just amazed by God's love, displayed by so many people who are willing to care and say a prayer. Christin said she had people sending her messages and praying for her and her husband, David. Wow!

I say to Nate, Tricia, Christin and Dave - THANK YOU for your transparency. If we could all just let others in... just a little... we'd see... we all have needs, huh?

Amazing. Simple truth is so amazing.

I have been reminded this week of that, of why it is I do what I do - and of the love of my God - displayed in community, in this case, a vast community I do not even know - yet a community indeed!

Thanks to all who have visited. Keep those prayers coming!!


christin said...

I feel, in a very small yet HUGE way, that our class at Liberty was placed in positions all around the country for very specific reasons. I feel almost like we've got a little unspoken community here, and someone always knows someone who knows someone else, and eventually one of those "someones" may be able to make a huge difference. But along the way, we ALL are making a difference in sharing and connecting through Christ. None of that goes to waste, and it all goes back to Him for His glory. How can we not acknowledge that???? Unbelievable.
So many have been touched by the way these stories are linked and the way the paths crossed - the thing is they aren't just stories, they are real things happening to real people like Nate, Tricia, Gwyneth, myself & David, and all our families. But God does see them as a story, part of the story of our lives, and it's amazing that so many people want to reach out, instead of running away from the scary things we're going through. I know I personally am overwhelmed with gratitude for that.
so much love to you Dana...

milepost13 said...

Thanks again Dana! This connection between people is one of the most amazing parts of our story!

cindy floyd said...

Hey daughter,
I must say I was so touched by nate and his family. I didn't want to read about it because I thought it would make me sad, but it has given me a new hope in life. Thank you for the insight, and thank you for helping them get their story out to so many more people.