Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Saturday! I am about an hour into coffee... watching the latest installment of "John Adams." Gotta love HBO on demand - which I just realized I have a couple of weeks ago - wonder how long I've been paying for that and not realizing I had it?! I am loving this series.

Check this blog out! The other day, Brokaw and I were taking a walk and he made a new friend, Chewie. Chewie has a blog and Brokaw got a shout out with pictures and everything!

I am having lunch with a new friend today, I can't wait!

Poll: Should I switch my closet over to spring or is it too early?


christin said...

you know, i contemplated that yesterday too, but i decided it was too soon. for us, we could still get snow! LAME. though if i have time today i might do it part way - leave out some sweaters and a pair of boots, but pack up the rest. maybe...

Courtney said...

Well, if you lived in Denver, you wouldn't have a "spring" wardrobe - it can be 75 one day and 25 the next! But yeah, I already weeded out the major sweaters and heavy coats and have worn shorts and tanktops. Haven't had to wear a coat except a couple of days in the past month or so, but have been laying on the sunscreen . . . like when I went snowshoeing yesterday. :) I love living here!