Saturday, February 9, 2008

Up Close and Personal

If I had a dollar for each campaign event I've logged.... you know where this is going. I pretty much have the campaign stump speeches memorized. I even know the playlist order for the pre-rally music for a couple of candidates. They go to different cities and pretty much say the same thing, in the same order. Well, today I got to be at one of those rallies - not for work - but for my own personal interests. Jessi, Greg and I went to hear Mike Huckabee speak today at the University of Maryland. Greg went to U of M and he was an excellent tour guide - it's a HUGE school and the campus is really pretty.

Using the skills I have acquired from various stalking out missions with Gretchen, I pushed my way to the front. We were right up there with the babies! You know the ones who their parents cart them to campaign events to get kissed by politicians. Those babies. We were right there with them. And when Huckabee was finished talking, he made a b-line right for where we were. Oh. I. am. so. good. He shook my hand!!! I don't think he saw me, there was a tall guy in front of me talking to him, i snuck my hand around the side of the tall guy and Huck grabbed it. It was my left hand, his right hand. Pretty cool. He has smooth skin. Ha ha, what kind of dork notices that?? Me.

Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasures...Img_0201








Gretchen said...

SCORE! The best pic is the one above the turtle pic....where you are posing as if you are "in" the pic with Huckabee...Classic Stalker.

Rebecca A. said...

HI-I am family friend of Mike's and I saw this link! First of all I think we have the same purse! I saw the straps in the picture and it looked very familiar. Good to know someone else young and hip liked that design. :-) Your pics are fun to look at. LOve your little dog and he looks like he has personality! How cool that you get to see all this political stuff going on live and in person. I just wanted to say hi b/c of the purse. I promise I am not a freak just ask Mike who never returns my comments. He must be preoccupied :-)!

Rebecca A. said...

BTW good pics of Gov. Huckabee! He really is a nice man.