Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Birthday Boy!

TombrokawHappy Birthday Tom Brokaw!!

Oh, he is the man.  Last night's Super Tuesday coverage is just one example of why.  Tom Brokaw and Tim Russert on election night - unmatched.

Thank you to my friends who drew my attention to this important day.

I wish so badly that I could work with Tom Brokaw just once.  We've never even met.  I did get to talk into his earpiece once.  It was the summer of 2001.  I was working in Roanoke and he had just put out his first book, The Greatest Generation.  We were putting together a one hour special for the opening of the National D-Day Memorial, so we had Tom for a satellite interview.

I got in his ear and I said, "Hi Tom, this is Dana in Roanoke, can you hear me okay?"  He replied "Yes, Roanoke."  I repeated myself.  I wanted desperately to hear Tom Brokaw say MY NAME.  But he never did.  He called me "Roanoke" once more.  Then the anchor who was asking the questions I had written for the interview said, right before we got started, "D-Day? That was in World War Two, right?" I was MORTIFIED.  So, that's the only Tom Brokaw memory I really have.  Sad, yes?  Well, if I ever have the opportunity to meet him I hope I don't freeze up and I may or may not mention that my dog is named Brokaw, I'll have to feel him out and decide whether he'll be flattered or think I'm a freak.

It is so warm here and I am loving it!  I am not a winter fan.  You know me, you know this.  I love that it has been 70+ for the past two days.  I have had my window open non-stop for two days!  Oh, the breeze is so nice.  I wish my window didn't overlook the very loud loading dock area, but hey, that's okay - I'm loving the fresh air! 

I was caught in traffic on my way home from work because of the President's visit to the Dept. of Agriculture - RIGHT on my way home - but I didn't mind because I had my SUNROOF OPEN and I heard a randomly wonderful song on the radio... Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody - wanna feel the heat with somboooooodyyyy. Oh yeah! I was totally jamming out.

I took Brokaw (the puggle, not the man) to a dog park and it was fun to see him running around with all the other doggies.  He was loving it!

I am just now realizing the Jack Johnson album I pre-ordered from iTunes is available TODAY.  Woo-hoo. This day just keeps getting better!


christin said...

Dana - thank you so much for all your support in those posts down there. I'm sorry I missed them on the day you posted - I just love that you were thinking of us, it means the world. sounds like you're gonna have a fun valentine's day!

cindy floyd said...

I think you should email the human Brokaw. I think he would get a kick out of it. Mama's heading to Atlantic City Sunday, early AM. I hope the red 19 comes up on the roulette wheel! love how I didn't put your childhood name out there pudding pop.
love, emailing mama