Friday, January 4, 2008

These are my brackets

Barack_obama_portrait_2005Mike_huckabee_bioI don't usually talk about politics in this space because I know that it makes most of your eyes glaze over... but - Oh my goodness.  Could last night have been more exciting?  I was on my couch, GLUED to the TV.  On one channel - the Hokies were in the Orange Bowl (sigh, oh well... maybe next year) and on all the cable news channels - coverage of the Iowa Caucuses.

In the end, the winners were Huckabee and Obama - exactly who I picked! Yay! It's so exciting to be following the race for President.  Now, that REAL people have actually picked, it will really be something to see what happens next.

Who needs March Madness?  These are MY brackets... New Hampshire... South Carolina... Michigan.. Nevada..Florida... Super Tuesday? Who will make it to the end?  Who will be the next leader of the free world? 

I have almost always been a political news nerd.  I just haven't ever been paid to be in the thick of it like this.  Today, I'm getting on a plane for New Hampshire.  I'll be there for the debates this weekend and the primaries Tuesday.  I'm so thankful that I have a chance to be this close to history.

2008 is going to be an exciting year to be in national news.


christin said...

so, SO cool that you'll get to be there! I rely on you - and my other friends on the "inside" - to give me the REAL scoop on what's going on. the caucuses were very exciting - and very intriguing, to me. i've never really been as interested as I am now - and I wouldn't call it "interest" as much as - I can't look away from a car crash. I'm begging to be moved, is what it is.

cindy floyd said...

Hey, I'm still looking for the turtles. Yall look like you are having fun. Ha. I am so proud of you. I wish you could step outside of your body for a second and see where your life is going. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!