Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday... Finally


It is Friday. I was starting to lose hope that it would ever get here, but alas, it has. And I'm so glad.

First, I give you the quote of the day - "This coffee has given me a new perspective on life." --Jessi Eckert, my co-worker extraordinare, lamenting about the Au Bon Pain Hazelnut, which, I hereby declare, doubles as fuel for employees of the Hearst-Argyle Washington News Bureau.

In celebration of Friday - I give you a snapshot of how my brain - low on sleep and high on caffeine has been working this week.

Here are a few observations:

Condi_drinking1. Condoleezza Rice drinking it up on the Mideast Trip. Yee-ha! I guess her job is pretty stressful, so why not? Can't a girl have a cocktail while trying to work out a historical peace deal? 

Sip it up, Condi!

(disclaimer: I don't know for sure that daiquiri was loaded, but she was smiling a lot)

Greening_lg2. Politicians and their not-so-subtle signs. This is nothing new.  President Bush likes his signs as the background, or a banner up above (Hello - remember "Mission Accomplished?")

Well, Nancy Pelosi likes hers on the podium, like this one here <-----.  Now, she's taken it a step further.  I couldn't find a pic to show you EXACTLY what I'm talking about - but at her news conference yesterday, she had a GIANT, shameless plug for her website.  It was huge,Like the size of her head.


3. I realized today how much Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson looks like that Russian spy who was poisoned a few years ago.

Freaky, eh?

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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