Saturday, January 12, 2008

First in the Nation

That's what all of the T-shirts for the New Hampshire Primary said.  It was thrilling to be there in Manchester as the first (technical) votes were cast for the next president.  If you're not living under a rock, and well, even if you are, still, you likely know by now that Hillary and McCain won.  I was one off in my predictions this time.  Well, so were the pollsters! So, sue us. No, so them because I don't have anything worth suing for.

Debate night was BY FAR the most exciting.  We were on campus at Saint Anselm College where Charlie Gibson moderated the debates.  I saw soooo many newslebrities - I just made that term up, like it?  I can't even name them.  It was like my personal version of the People's Choice Awards.  I was too busy that night to take any pictures, really.  But one of the guys I was working with from Kansas City promised to send me some, so when I get those, I'll post them here. 

Img_0021 Here I am in a moment where I was able to escape from our table when our 11pm package was done, before I ran into the spin room for our live shots.

I'm with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.  They host "Morning Joe" weekdays on MSNBC.  I really like the show because all of the big national newsmakers and politicians are always either live or calling in.

And I just love their personalities and how the show is formatted around them.  Joe reminds me of Andy Fox of WAVY and Mika isn't afraid to call it like she sees it when it comes to trash like Britney or Paris and I love her for that.  Isn't it lovely how she's all like "we are sisters" in this picture?  She thought I was cute.  I want a job at NBC so hopefully cute works toward that goal.

Img_0022 I took this on my way to our 11pm live shots in the "Spin Room."  A lot of the candidates and their "people" were scrumming around in here and lots of reporters were doing live shots before and after the debates.  Yes, that's a gym.

It's not glamorous but it's a blast!

I don't even remember who was in this scrum.

But anyway, debate night was the best.  The rest of the trip was fun too, but I was a bit bored.  We spent the rest of the trip working out of our affiliate in Manchester, WMUR, which hosted the debate.  Our quarters were set up in a back room and we were doing live shots in the back of a U-haul in the parking lot! CNN was there too, but they had Budget trucks. 

The night before the Primaries many of the candidates stopped by the station to do interviews on WMUR's news.  I missed most of them coming in and going because I was out in the U-haul doing live shots with our reporters and photographers.  At one point one photog, Greg, and I were walking back in from doing a live shot and who do you know walks right in the room from another entrance across the room? Yep. Hillary! I don't know what happened to me - you know how I get strange in star struck situations (I need Gretchen to regulate me) I was just like "Heeeeeyyyyy!!" HA HA HA HA. She was all "well hello!" My co-workers were DYING laughing.  It was like me and Hil went way back.  Like we shared a locker in middle school or something.

Img_0025So my boss rushed over (she had her camera with her, I had to go get mine, apparently I don't listen to my own advice) and she got a pic with Hillary.  Greg and I missed out. So, we were sad.  Kind of.

I was really bummed because I think the pic would have turned out really great.  Hil and I are both blonde and we were wearing the same shade of blue.


So, naturally, I made Greg pretend he was Hillary Clinton.

We took this picture right next to Duncan Hunter, who is a candidate (if he's still in) but I wasn't really interested in getting a pic with him.

He was talking to someone anyway. 

Plus, Greg and I had the matching jackets and all...


Wes and Sally got to ambush Senator Clinton as she was leaving the station - so that was pretty cool.

I think they got Romney too, but I wasn't there.


Because after just a few short minutes inside for the Hillary moment, we were back outside for the rest of Laurie's live shots!

Smile Laurie!

So, that was pretty much it.  I did get to go to one John Edwards rally at a school.  That was pretty cool. He had that guy from Desperate Housewives there stumping for him - I think I took a picture of him with my blackberry but I don't know how to download those.  I'm not the biggest Desperate Housewives fan, but I'll have to tell my sister about that.  I think he's a plumber on the show or something, James Denton.

Overall - it was a very exciting trip!  But I just get frustrated because I always want to do more!  I want to be where the action is, and I think it's harder that I'm THERE but I'm not really THERE, you know?  I did make some nice network news connections though, and a growing Rolodex is always a good thing!

Now - on to Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida!! I don't know of any plans to travel soon for me yet - but I hope I get another chance soon!  This race is definitely the most exciting story I've ever had a chance to cover in my career thus far. Hands down.

Barack Obama's rallies have the best music. Hands down. India.Arie "There's Hope" I love that song.  It doesn't get old to me. Ever.

Oh, and thanks mom - for the virtual note in my shoe.  It was priceless and when it got tough, I looked back at your loving words.  THANK YOU.  I need my e-mailing mama support, for sure!

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christin said...

too, too cool, thanks for posting the pics!!! even though I'm not a Hill fan i would probably freak if I saw her too. too bad you didn't get a pic! but i like the substitute pics with twin vests. always a good idea.
i see you're reading Penelope's book! let me know how you feel about it.