Wednesday, January 16, 2008


... or lack thereof.  That's the theme today.  I have been trying to drink at least as much water as I do coffee.  So, last night, I only had two giant cups, instead of what I'm sure amounts to half a pot.

And I didn't make it through the night at work.  Thank my sweet Lord Jesus there's an Au Bon Pain in our lobby where I could get a SMALL hazelnut coffee just now.  But, I am not considering this failure. I refuse to.  I am merely trying to find the balance.  It may take a few days... or years... I miss my Lorelai Gilmore talking about drinking mad amounts of coffee - that always made me feel better.

So... apparently Matthew McConaughey is giong to be a father.  But that's okay because I'm totally okay with being a stepmother.

And sorry to be all Links 'n @ (shout out Becky) but you have to see this -- it's Katie Couric, in between live shots during the New Hampshire Primary. I LOVE behind the scenes stuff!  The best part is when she compares Cindy McCain to a husky.  Priceless.

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christin said...

oh i miss my Lorelai Gilmore too - she made me feel better about life.!!!!!! :)