Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My e-mom

Okay, so for the past, eh, few weeks, I'd say, I've been communicating with my mother via e-mail.  It's a strange, but wonderful thing.  This is the same woman who has single-handedly run a successful business for the last, eh, 27 years or so, run a business WITHOUT a computer involved, period.

Enter www.rockabyebabyobx.com.

My mom has been getting orders from as far away as New Zealand.  I'm not surprised.  If anyone could pull that off, it's my mother.

She has not, however, been strong in the "technology" department.

A couple of examples:

--when she first got a fax machine, she sent all her faxes upside down

--a couple of years ago, I was told to order my step-brother an "N3P player" online

--there was also the phase where when she saw she had a "missed call" on her cell phone, she'd call everyone she knows and ask if they called her.

But now, not only does my mom e-mail, but she's been ELFED. You've seen this before, I'm sure, you upload a pic and the website turns you into a little dancing elf.

I've seen it before.. but I've never laughed as hard as I did when I saw my mother in elf form! Oh, and if you know my mom, send her an e-mail, she'd be thrilled: info@rockabyebabyobx.com


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cindy floyd said...

Guess who? Looks like you had a great weekend. I love the pics. Everything looks so pretty. Girl, you do have some picture taking skills. It looks like we are on for Friday. I will call your Dad tomorrow to get everything straight. Can't wait to see you! We will probably come home Friday night. You know Joan has to work Saturdays.