Monday, December 31, 2007

I was so blessed at Christmas this year.  Unlike years past, I didn't have to work on Christmas and I was able to spend a long weekend at "home" with my family.  Here are some pictures of our Family Christmas 2007:

Img_4872 Img_4874 Img_4884


Img_4910 Img_4919 Img_4922 Img_4944 Img_4950 Img_4957 Img_4940 Img_5048 L_0ed58cc70adc9ba50f7561bd502431fc L_295be8bd5b07e79505066dd5d8efcf67 L_7048adbd4aca704425c2c97eb1360922 L_ce71e3636f47256e8f969f1c033103ec

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